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A perfect way to kick-start your day with this product which is rich in fibre, iron and carbohydrates , Patanjali Oats is a great way to remain energetic throughout the day. With a strict adherence to FSSAI’s food safety and regulation standards, Patanjali Oats are the best ones available in market today. The cost of Patanjali Oats is cheaper than Oats of other brands available in the market.

Patanjali Oats Price

Specifics Patanjali Oats Price
Patanjali Oats – 500 g Rs 75

Benefits of Patanjali Oats

1. Helps in Weight Loss

Though in an indirect way, Oats help in Weight Loss. Since they’re rich in fibre, Oats are slow to digest, which leads to your stomach feeling full all day, preventing you from eating more.

2. Easy to digest

If you suffer from constipation very often, eating Oats will help you a lot. Easy to digest, Oats act as great laxatives, thanks to its huge fiber content.

3. Lowers The Risk Of High Blood Pressure

The nutritional value of Patanjali Oats is quite good. This low sodium product works wonders if a person consumes Oats on a daily basis.

4. Good for Diabetic People

Low on Glycemic Index, Oats act as a healthy option for diabetic people, while simultaneously managing and keeping in control the glucose level in your blood.

5. Lowers Cholesterol

Patanjali Oats contains soluble fiber, which helps in reducing the low-density-lipoprotein (LDL) also known as bad cholesterol.

6. Improves immunity

Beta Glucans, a fiber present in Oats, helps fight virus and bacteria, in turn increasing your immunity levels and contains selenium and zinc, which keeps infection away and helps you to stay fit.

Uses of Patanjali Oats

  • Normalises skin pH
  • Lowers risk of Hypertension
  • Maximizes Stamina
  • Minimizes the risk of Asthma
  • Moisturises and softens the skin
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Patanjali Oats Nutritional Value

Nutrients Per 100g* Per Serve(45g)*
Energy (kcal) 399 180
Protein(g) 11.1 5
Total Carbohydrate(g) 70.7 31.8
Sugars(g) 1.8 0.8
Total Fat 8 3.6
Saturated Fat 1.8 0.8
MUFA(g) 3.6 1.6
PUFA(g) 2.6 1.2
Trans Fat(g) 0 0
Cholesterol(mg) 0 0
Total Dietary Fibre(g) 10 4.5
Soluble Fibre 3.6 1.6
Insoluble Fibre 6.4 2.9
Iron(mg) 3.5 1.6
Magnesium(mg) 112.5 50.6
Sodium(mg) 117.4 52.8
Zinc(mg) 2.6 1.2
Calcium(mg) 46.6 21

How to consume Patanjali Oats

Only 50g should be consumed per day.

To make Patanjali Oats, you can add it in milk with some fruits and dry fruits to relish the simple taste of Patanjali Oats or Patanjali Oats recipe can be combined with gravy like dal and rasam or turned into Patanjali Oats Dalia.

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Side Effects of having Patanjali Oats

Those who are allergic to oats should refrain from this product, or oats in general, as it may aggravate the allergy. Oats may also increase the bulk of stool and frequency of defecation, resulting in gas, distention and possible perineal irritation.

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Important Questions About Patanjali Oats Answered 

Are Patanjali oats better than saffola oats?

Patanjali Oats and Saffola Oats are made up of natural ingredients and both provide similar health benefits.

Are Patanjali oats better than daliya for losing weight?

Patanjali Oats and Daliya do not directly  effect weight loss. However, you can eat them to provide essential nutrients and protein to your body.

Are Patanjali oats Rolled oats or Instant oats?

Patanjali oats are instant oats which are  easy to prepare. Just pour the mix into the bowl, add water and bring it to boil. Simmer it for 5 minutes. Voila, Patanjali oats are ready.

Do Patanjali oats contain gluten?

No, Patanjali oats do not contain gluten.

Are dalia and oats the same thing?

Yes, dalia and oats are the same thing, its just that there preparation is different.

Does it help in relieving constipation?

Yes, as it has the perfect amount soluble and insoluble fats to help a person relieve of constipation.

Can oats be consumed at night?

Yes, they wor as good at night at consuming in breakfast.

Does it help in reducing weight?

Yes, they help in reducing weight as it provides the perfect amount of roughage.

Buyer’s Guide for Patanjali Oats

Where to Buy Patanjali Oats At Best Price?

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