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It is time to go full desi with Patanjali products! Yes, you heard it right. Patanjali is an Indian brand which manufactures its products using organic items. Manufactured and processed in India, Patanjali has become one of India’s most famous brand of everything organic. BigBasket offers Patanjali’s products at pocket-friendly prices and you can use the BigBasket coupons listed on CashKaro to get cashback on every order!

Beauty and Hygiene

Go green with Patanjali’s all-natural products that find their origin in Ayurveda. You can also get some great discounts and cashbacks using CashKaro’s BigBasket coupons!

Body Cleanser – Aloevera Kanti ₹ 54.88
Hand Wash – Herbal ₹ 117
Kesh Kanti Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser ₹ 75
Almond Hair Oil ₹ 50
Dant Kanti – Regular Dental Cream ₹ 10
Face Pack – Aloevera Multani Mitti ₹ 120 for pack of 2

Cleaning and Household

BigBasket offers Patanjali detergents and other products, which make cleaning a lot more easier and eco-friendly! Don’t forget to use BigBasket promo codes while ordering to get cashback on every order!

Super – Dishwash Bar ₹10
Liquid Detergent – Somya ₹80
Detergent Powder – Herbal Wash ₹28

Snacks and Branded Foods

Enjoy some healthy and nutritious snacks with Patanjali’s collection of biscuits, noodles, jams and much more! Hurry and order these and also get CashKaro cashback on every order using BigBasket voucher codes!

Cookies – Digestive ₹50
Instant Noodles – Atta, Chatpata ₹10
Oats – Masala ₹65
Chocos Flakes ₹100
Muesli – Fruit & Nut ₹95
Atta Noodles – Classic ₹10
Amla – Pickle ₹135
Honey ₹145
Jam – Mixed Fruit ₹100
Jamun – Vinegar ₹70

Foodgrains and Oils

Now you can do entire grocery shopping on BigBasket as Patanjali manufactures pure and natural atta, oil, spices and ghee as well!

Chakki Atta – Whole Wheat, With Bran ₹42 per kg
Multigrain Dalia ₹40
Cow Ghee ₹285 (500 ml)
Sunflower Oil ₹110
Turmeric Powder ₹24
Red Chilli Powder ₹55 (for 200 gram)
Namak (Salt) ₹15 per kg


Last but not the least, Patanjali offers some healthy juices ranging from Amla to Giloy! Pick what you want and get a step closer to a healthier lifestyle! Moreover, you can get amazing cashbacks using the BigBasket coupon codes listed on CashKaro!

Amla ₹60
Karela & Amla ₹75
Arjun-Amla ₹80
Tulsi Panchang ₹90
Giloy Amla ₹100

These are the best and most loved Patanjali products that you can order online and get delivered to your doorstep from the comfort of your own space. I hope this blog helps you to spruce up your ayurvedic product needs in the home. BigBasket has made filling your groceries on time and at cheaper rates possible and very easy for all.

So head over to BigBasket for all your grocery and daily needs and enjoy fresh vegetables, fruits and much more with timely delivery, and no compromise in quality! You can also save more by using the BigBasket coupons given by CashKaro!

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