What is the best way to relax and take yourself out of the schedule that doesn’t involve packing your bags for a vacation? For most, it’s a three-hour movie with a bunch of friends. Movies allow us to escape the realities of life and what could be better than a couple of hours of bliss.

However, with the recent hike in ticket prices, the number of takers for going to the cinema has decreased. However, with Paytm cashback for booking your movie tickets, you don’t need to worry anymore about this.

There are a ton of Paytm promo codes and Paytm offers using which your movie watching experience becomes so much better. You can earn cashback on your tickets and reap many more rewards. Here are some of those.

Movietastic Tuesdays

With a YesBank credit card, you can receive 100% cashback on your second movie ticket! Book your shows for any day of the week but make the payment on a Tuesday to receive the offer! The cashback will appear in your Paytm wallet. The best part, you can use CashKaro’s Paytm Movies coupon code for further savings.


There are some movies that are just made better by the Imax experience. Sadly though, not all of us can enjoy these because ticket rates can soar up to even Rs. 1000. But with Paytm’s IMAX Exclusive Pass, a user can watch 4 Imax movies for just Rs. 299. You can also use your unique code to receive cashback on your bookings.


If you have a Bank of Baroda Card, then this one is for you. Book two tickets every month using your BOB card and get 50% cash back for up to Rs. 125 on your Paytm account. Further, use CashKaro’s Paytm movie offers to save even more on your bookings.


Are you a movie maniac. If you are, then use this promo code to receive a cashback of up to Rs. 200! Book your tickets via the Paytm app and receive extraordinary savings!

CashKaro has a lot more Paytm Movie Offers and other Paytm Promo Codes which you can use to book your tickets. Head to your nearest cinemas with your gang and save tons with our coupons!

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