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Cloud storage has become an essential part of our lives. With the onset of this technology, it has become even more convenient to save, browse, share, and explore our data anytime and anywhere. There are numerous cloud storage services available out there, with the first cloud storage service being Dropbox. However, we have now been introduced to an even better alternative to it and that is known as pCloud.

Here is all you need to know about this amazing cloud storage service called pCloud. Read on to explore an honest review based on our experience with this service.

What is pCloud?

pCloud is an encrypted cloud storage service that serves as an advanced version of other popular cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Based in Switzerland, pCloud offers its users the ease of highly secured cloud storage service on numerous platforms like Web, Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS And Android. This means that you can simply use this personal virtual hard drive on any device that you wish to without the fear of getting hacked. All you need to do is Sign In on any of these platforms to get access to all your files. This is a tool to break free from all the download and upload hassles and is compatible with browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

pCloud Devices

Well, if you thought that this is all, then you ‘my friend’ need to know THIS.

pCloud also offers you a Lightroom plug-in for Windows and macOS. This plug-in can be downloaded from Adobe or directly from pCloud. With the pCloud Lightroom plug-in, you can upload the images on your pCloud Account directly and share them right from there.

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Top Salient Features of pCloud

Complete Virtual Hard Drive

pCloud serves as a complete virtual hard drive which means that it does not consume any storage space on the system. Create direct links, invite to folders, create download and upload links with ease. Upload, filter, search, save and trash your files without compromising the system.

Remote Upload

An amazing feature of pCloud, Remote Upload lets you upload a file directly from its source link on to your pCloud Account. Use the pCloud Upload Manager to add the source link.

Free Up Device Storage

Once the user turns the Automatic Upload feature on, all the previous and latest photographs & videos get backed up on their pCloud Account. Then the users can simply delete all the backed up files from their device using the Free Up Device Storage feature with just one tap.

Track Engagement

Share direct links, add passwords and set up expiration dates for the links you share. You can also track the number of hits and engagements each link has received.

Unlimited File Size

Upload and download the files without any file size restrictions.

Public Folders

A great alternative to Dropbox Public Folders, pCloud Public Folders enable you to create and share direct links of your files. You can enable this option from the Files section of your pCloud Account. Moreover, if you use public folders, you can even add visual content saved in your Public Folder directly to your Static Website.

Simple Synchronization and Backup

Synchronize and Backup your data on your virtual drive from any device. With pCloud Drive’s File Sync option, update the files by connecting your device with the cloud storage. Additionally, pCloud supports the block-level sync for faster upload of the files.

Total Security

All files are secured with TLS/SSL encryption. Use the pCloud Crypto to ensure that your files do not fall prey to unauthorized access. This means that the rights to access the files remain with you and nobody else.

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Access your virtual drive from the web, desktop app and android/iOS devices. So, MAC users can rejoice with this.

Easy Revisions and Rewinds

With pCloud, restore the computer from ransomware and crypto virus attacks. Restore, revise and rewind the previous versions of your files and track their history. 

Integrations with Numerous Platforms

Backup your valuable photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa or backup your WordPress website through its database.

Streaming Services Available

Stream audios, videos and video games using the built-in player.

Why Do We Prefer pCloud?


pCloud is one of the most reasonably priced cloud storage applications that runs virtually without affecting your device storage. A virtual hard disk drive that offers up to 10GB free cloud storage, it also gives the ease of extending it by 1GB every time your referee signs up it. A great alternative to the Dropbox or Google Drive app, you can simply choose from the two personal subscriptions that can unlock more space on your cloud drive, as per your storage requirements.

pCloud, unlike any other cloud storage, offers you the ease of streaming audio, creating playlists and watching videos online. This cloud service also offers the ease of encrypting your personal content using the pCloud Crypto –client-side encryption for utmost security. This means that the files encrypted using this feature will only be unlocked by you.

How To Download pCloud and Avail its Subscription Plans?


To download pCloud on your device, simply click on the Download Tab on the top right side of pCloud website. From there, select the device that you want to download it on. Follow the installation steps and you are all set to use your own personal cloud storage!


pCloud has recently rolled out one of the best money saver plans. With this plan, you can grab a great discount on the purchase of pCloud Lifetime Plans. These Lifetime Plans are segregated based on the storage space available for each.

While the Premium 500 GB Lifetime Plan offers 500 Gigabytes Storage including a 30-day trash history, the Premium Plus 2 TB Plan offers 2 Terabyte storage along with a few more features and a 30-day trash history.

pCloud Independence Day Subscription Plan

If you wish to avail these pCloud Lifetime Plans at discounted prices, hurry and grab the offer by clicking the link below. This offer is live for all the users and not just for Indian residents.

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