A sports bra is meant to wear it during Sports Activity or at a time of gym, hard physical activity. Sports bras are designed in such a way that it restricts your breast movement and gives the best support. Sports bra gives more support than a regular bra. it can reduce long term breasts sagging. Every woman athlete or sport’s woman needs to pay attention to the health of her breasts! As you move and focus on the toning of your body, there is a big chance of wear and tear of your loose breast tissue if they’re not being supported well.

A good sports bra is extremely important for any active woman. It gives the much-needed support during workouts and prevents any sagging or injury.

There are different styles of sports bras which are suited for different activities such as low impact yoga or high impact running. Even if you’re not into extreme active sport or physical activities, you can still choose from different styles for an occasional participation. It’s always a good idea to be well equipped.

What Are The Different Impact Levels in Sports Bras?

Every kind of physical activity can have different impact on your breasts. A good sports bra needs to be performance oriented and specially designed for three different levels of support which can be based on the intensity of your work out.

High level of physical activity such as running, racquet sports, aerobics and dancing

  • Medium Impact

Moderate level of physical activity and movement such as hiking, brisk walking, cycling       etc

  • Low Impact

Low level of movement in the breast area such as yoga and Pilates. According to the type and level of physical activity, sports bras come in various categories and styles. Some are listed below:

Different Sports Bras for Different Activities:

  • Compression Sports Bras

    They are pull-over styles without any in-built cups which are best suited for medium to low impact activities. You can buy them on Zivame and don’t forget to check Zivame offers.

  • Encapsulation Sports bras

    Especially designed for high impact activities, these sports bras have in-built cups and may sometimes come with underwires as well.

  • Criss-Cross backSports Bras

    This is with a criss-cross at the back and provide a firm support to the breasts. They are suited for medium impact activities.

  • Racerback Sports Bras

    One of the most popular styles of sports bras, this has joined shoulder straps to maintain good support and are great for high impact workouts.

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