If you’re a pet owner, you are already aware of how they bring oodles of joy into one’s life. The unconditional love and innocent eyes can make you smile even when you’re down. But, did you know that pets have certain health benefits as well? Here’s how your pet is keeping you healthy:

They make you forget about your stress

There’s something completely comforting about coming home to wet, slobbery kisses. How can someone worry about work when there’s a furry friend waiting for you to cuddle and play with him?

They become your personal trainer

Need a little motivation for exercise? Your cuddle buddy will make sure you run around with him a lot. When you’re not running around with them, you’re taking them out for walks. One way or the other, you’re burning calories.

They’re good for the heart

They don’t just melt your heart; they make sure it’s healthy too. Not only do they lower your risk of stroke, but also lower blood pressure triglycerides and cholesterol. So, your pet gives you a happy heart and a happy home all rolled into one.

They boost your immunity

This fact was published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Infants who grow up with pets have more advanced immunity systems than those who don’t. They are also less likely to develop allergic diseases.

kid with dog

They keep you sane

Along with physical health, they also keep your psychological health in check. Living with a pet has been known to ward off depression, loneliness and rage. Taking care of a pet makes gives you purpose, makes you empathetic and cheerful in general.

Finally, your pet will help you socialize with other pet owners. So, you make more friends and lead a happier life. Now that you know that they keep you happy and health, why don’t you go and give your pet a big ol’ hug right now?

To those who don’t have one yet, we gave you enough reasons to get one now, didn’t we?

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