Movies depict a whole different picture of what love looks like. But to love, it’s not even necessary to fall in love with someone. Love exists in the smallest things of life!

While you might be planning out a romantic getaway with your special one on this Valentine’s day, others might be planning to take themselves out on a date and treating themselves to scrumptious food.

Do you see? Every love story is different!

For food lovers, there’s no love more sincere than the love of food. (Scroll down towards the end to find the contest details)

Here are some pictures which only true food lovers (Bhukkad!) will understand. A quick warning, these may make you hungry. If hunger strikes, go ahead and use Dominos couponto save on a large pizza with everything on it!


This is why being prepared and consistent is critical to achieve success! No doubt, we are fed up of people asking from us that why we are serious all the time 😐


What choice do we even have? We are so open about our love for food that so many people know the way to our heart. Buy food for us, make food for us or be food! We just can’t afford to be angry for a long period of time. Not fair!


Oops! But it’s pretty much our life every day!

That’s exactly why we choose to grab the latest McDonalds promo code to munch on tasty and drool-worthy burgers at discounted prices. There is, of course, a lot of different options when it comes to veg and non-veg burgers at McDonald’s and we totally love ’em all!


Being on a diet isn’t even an option for us! Things never work out between us and we end up cheating on our diet because we can’t resist delectable food.


We aren’t big on sharing when it comes to food. It’s also the first rule of dating us! ^_^


Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes for us! Ahem!

When we said we had a salad:


It’s mostly Capsicum and onion


Some olives and tomato sauce too.

Maybe some cheese also..


Fine! Our salad was a pizza!

And we couldn’t resist incredible Nearbuy offers for discounted Dominos coupons. Oh, how sweet was it when we could get a Rs 500 pizza for Rs 299. Yum! That was life.

We aren’t even sorry that we gobbled five medium sizes in a row!


When we are starving and we see the food coming


Now it’s CONTEST TIME! #BeOurValentine

Food lovers.. rejoice because we have a delicious contest!

For participating, all you have to do is follow the below listed mandatory entries:

  • Comment here on this post telling us about your favourite comfort food when you are feeling low.
  • Please share your CashKaro referral id also with your comment. Check out this post to find out where your referral id is located in your CashKaro account.

Two winners can win a Dominos voucher worth Rs.500 each! Yay!

Terms and Conditions:

  • A minimum of 50 entries need to be present for the contest to be valid. So do not forget to share this post with your friends and family for increasing the participation number.
  • Duplicate entries will be banned.
  • Two winners will be picked using
  • No entries will be accepted after 12th February,16. Hurry!

So what are you waiting for? Make your entry right now and share this contest with others too to make the contest valid and to increase your chances of winning!

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  1. My favourite comfort food when I am feeling low is Paani Puri because of its khatta, meetha, n tikha combination… totally mmmmazedar.. My mouth begins to water the moment I see or smell it.. Whenever I eat pani puri, I can literally feel the explosion of flavors in my mouth.. Really a great combination of crisp, tangy, spicy taste.. Its my favorite all the time..!!! 🙂

    My referral ID: 6106

  2. I just ordered from FoodPanda through CashKaro and got 30% Discount!! I wish the PayTM payment mode worked, would have got a 10% discount more… anyways… I love food when I am down and Grilled Chicken is the one that I SO LOVE TO EAT!! It brings out the Tan in Me!!

    My Referral ID: 852659
    Please join through my ID and let me have some more Cash Back. Thanks guys…

  3. I don’t like pizza – said no foodie ever! My favorite comfort food is Cheese Burst pizza. One bite and I’m transported off to another world. Mmmmmmm. . . .Just can’t stop drooling over its heavenly taste! Crunchy crust and loads of melt-in-the-mouth cheese inside – its the stuff gastronomical fantasies are made of!

  4. My favourite comfort foods while I am low is:

    1) Fully Loaded Cheesy Uttapam
    2) Strawberry Compote
    3) Amritsari Chhole Masala with Garlic Naan

  5. My best Comfort foods when I am low are:

    Fully Loaded Cheesy Uttapam
    Amritsari Chhole with Tandoori Naan
    Chhole Kulcha
    Strawberry Milkshake
    Gajjar Ka Halwa
    and the list is endless.

  6. Anything to eat and everythng to eat makes me high ! ;P
    But my favourite of all is dominos cheese burst pizzaaa ! No one can visit dominos as frequently as I do.. lol…
    My referal ID: 1070846

  7. Umm. Difficult to give one name..but for me.. its cake.. all kinds of cakes. ok I am heading to fridge fr same. Though iam already on diet 😉
    ID- 1070797

  8. Galawati kebabs & Ulte tawa ka paratha! (Lakhnawi Style)
    Cozzz…nawabs eat kebabs (can’t live without)
    Referal id:638903

  9. Chicken is my go to chick 😉
    If I have to choose a favorite among all, A Yummy Chicken Zinger Burger from KFC is the one.

    My referral ID: 28061

  10. a fresh juicy burger with lots of cheese (of course it needs to melt in my mouth, hehe) will surely make my day even when I am at my worst. Love hogging a good burger from my favourite joint and put my tummy and mind to rest! 😀

    PS: My Referral ID is 5 🙂


  11. Vada Pav is my favourite sadness remedy. Its a local delicacy and available throughout India. Hearing the word ‘Vada Pav’ unlocks my belly and puts a smile on my face. Recently I even tried my own versions of the dish just so I could be happy 🙂


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