Pizza Hut Customer Care Numbers: Complaint & Toll Free Helpline Numbers

Find Pizza Hut’s Customer Care Numbers, Toll-Free Helpline, Enquiry, Contact & Complaint Number. Pizza Hut is a pizza & pasta restaurant chain that mainly specializes in American-Italian cuisine.

They are also known for their speedy deliveries and call themselves “the most preferred pizza outlet in India”. If you need to get in touch with their customer care department because of any concerns, below are all the Pizza Hut Customer Care details you will need.  You can check out Pizza hut coupons for amazing deals!

Pizza Hut Customer Care Numbers: Pizza Hut Toll Free Helpline & Complaint No.

Pizza Hut Customer Care DetailsPizza Hut Customer Care Number
Pizza Hut Customer Care Number01243988398
Pizza Hut Toll-Free Number39883988 (With City STD Code)
Pizza Hut Helpline Number01244284444
Pizza Hut Enquiry Number60009000
Pizza Hut Complaint Number011 3988 3988
Pizza Hut Customer Care Contact Number080 3377 3300

Online Complaint: Pizza Hut Customer Support Online

  1. Go to the Pizza Hut Website
  2. Open the ‘contact us’ tab
  3. Type in your details and your query
  4. Click on submit
Pizza Hut Customer Care Numbers: Pizza Hut Toll Free Helpline, Pizza Hut Enquiry Number, Pizza Hut Contact Number, Pizza Hut Complaint Number


What is a Pizza Hut Helpline Number?

Pizza Hut provides its customers with certain Helpline Numbers to address customer care queries. These numbers seek to help you with any needs

What is a Pizza Hut Toll Free Number?

Toll-Free Numbers offer the resolution of queries at zero charges.

What is the difference between Pizza Hut Contact Number & Pizza Hut Enquiry Number?

Pizza Hut contact number can be used to contact the corporate offices while the Enquiry Number directs the customer to personnel who can solve queries and complaints.

How effective are Pizza Hut Complaint Numbers?

Pizza Hut considers their services one of their top priorities so Pizza Hut Complaint Numbers are very effective.

Are Pizza Hut Helpline Numbers reachable all days of the week?

Pizza Hut Helpline Numbers can be reached by Customers all days of the week.

What is the min. order amount for delivery?

The customer’s order should be a Min. of Rs.200 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Can an online order be Cancelled/Modified once placed?

An online order cannot be cancelled or modified online or offline at stores once it has been placed. However, customers can see the status of their orders by calling the Pizza Hut Helpline Numbers.

Will I get a refund if I don’t receive my order?

If there is any delay in the delivery of a prepaid order or if an amount has been debited and the order not placed, the Customer Care Number 3988 3988(preceded by respective std codes) can be used to lodge a complaint.

Can the ’30 minutes or free’ be availed on festivals?

The ’30 minutes or free’ promise cannot be availed on public holidays, religious holidays or New Year’s Eve.

Can I Call Pizza Hut Customer Care Numbers at night?

Delivery services through Pizza Hut Customer Care Numbers for Pizza Hut are available from 11:00 am in the morning to 11:00 pm at night.

What are the timings for Pizza Hut Customer Care Toll Free numbers?

Delivery services through Pizza Hut Customer Care Toll-Free numbers can be reached between 11:00 am in the morning to 11:00 pm at night.

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