Did anyone ask for an extremely cheap meal? Pizza Hut heard you loud and clear. With their range of pizzas for just Rs. 99, you’ve got it all in one package. Taste – check; Cheap – double-check.

This new deal will allow you to devour as many pizzas as you like without having to worry about the cost. You can choose two personal pizzas starting at just Rs. 99. Customise it and get any topping of your liking. Each addition will cost you a bit more, but is that really anything when you consider the fact that you get pizzas?!

This deal is the perfect choice for when you’re looking to feed a large crowd. Everyone can choose what they like and it’s cheap to boot. You can choose between both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas.

More than all this, you can use CashKaro’s Pizza Hut coupons to make it even cheaper for you. Just apply the Pizza Hut offer while checking out, or order through CashKaro and you will receive a huge amount in cashback. Never again go the night hungry. Eat your heart out with our awesome deals.

Some Pizzas to Try

Chicken Sausage

The cheapest when it comes to non-vegetarian options, the chicken sausage is a classic when it comes to pizza. And Pizza Hut does it really well. Buy it now and revel in the taste.

Soya Masala

A new one in the world of pizza. We’ve had soya separately and pizza separately, but together will it work? It apparently does, test it out for yourself! Order now with the Pizza Hut coupons.

Tandoori Paneer

Cheese on cheese? Who will say no to that? The tandoori paneer is the perfect way to Indianise a pizza ever. It just works so well will the tangy tomato sauce. If you don’t trust me, try it yourself from Pizza Hut.

Smoked Chicken

Adding the perfect amount of smokey flavour to your pie, the smoked chicken is a fan favourite. Alongside jalapeno and red capsicum, this pizza packs all the right flavours. Buy it now from Pizza Hut

You can use CashKaro’s Pizza Hut offers to get your meal at the best price. Order through CashKaro and earn a ton in cashback.

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