There are often nights when we just don’t know what to eat. You ask your friends and they don’t know either. No ideas will come to mind and we’re just left to ponder over options till we finally decide nothing is worth is. But there is something, something no one will be able to turn down. Can you guess what? It is none other than Pizza Hut’s new Magic Pizza Box.

The Magic Box is especially ideal when you need to serve a large audience, or if your appetite is just that big. You can choose 4 pizzas that you like! Everything is customisable and all at a very cheap cost as well. But wait! It gets cheaper with the use of Pizza Hut coupons from CashKaro, you can get your food at the best price.

Your Options

The Magic Box comes with pre-determined pizzas. However, it is extremely easy to customise it to your liking and add toppings that are your favourites. All the pizzas are personal sized, meaning the Box is perfect for a party of 4. If you think the customises will add up on your bill, don’t worry at all. When you use Pizza Hut offers from CashKaro, you will receive huge cashback amounts, making it so much easier on your pockets.

The veg box and the non-veg box.

In the veg box, you will get 4 vegetarian personal pizzas while in the non-vegetarian one, you will receive 2 veggie and 2 no-veg pizzas. There something for everybody here! All with liberal toppings that taste oh so good!

Pizza Hut guarantees to deliver all your pizzas as fresh as possible. Order now on their website, and use CashKaro’s Pizza Hut coupons to receive lucrative offers on your food.

CashKaro has a lot more Pizza Hut offers on their website. Head to the page now to find tons more which you can use to increase your savings. Order now and enjoy scrumptious meals at the best price.

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