Guwahati is a sprawling city beside the Brahmaputra river in the northeast. It’s known for holy sites like the hilltop Kamakhya Temple, featuring shrines to the Hindu deities Shiva and Vishnu.

Why go there: Rich Culture, Temples
Ideal for: Spiritual people, friends and family
Trivia: Guwahati is famous for its temples and the mighty Brahmaputra river.

Places to visit in Guwahati

Kamakhya Temple

The Kamakhya temple is one of the most revered shrines of Shakti in India, in the form of Kamakhya. Located on the Nilachal Hills just 7km from Guwahati, the Kamakhya temple is of great religious importance. It also holds tremendous historic and archaeological significance.

Distance from the City: 12.3 Kms
Time required: 45 mins
Ideal for: Religious people, friends and family
Best time to visit: October to March

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Umananda Temple

Umananda Temple is a Shiva temple located on the Peacock Island, in the middle of river Brahmaputra. Peacock Island, which houses the Umananda Temple, is known as smallest inhabited riverine island in the world. The Umananda temple is nestled in the laps of this serene island whose shores are washed by the mighty Brahmaputra river.

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Distance from the City: 7 Kms
Time required: 30 mins
Ideal for: Religious people, friends and family
Best time to visit: October to March

Guwahati Zoo

Guwahati Zoo is a wildlife paradise spread over an extensive area of 430 acres. Located in a densely vegetated forest area in the centre of Guwahati called the Hengrabari Forest Area. The zoo exhibits captivating landscape gardens, a great deal of wildlife and a serene environment. It has an important mark in shaping the ecological outline of the state and also the country.

Distance from the City: 3 Kms
Time required: 8 mins
Ideal for: Wildlife enthusiast, friends and family
Best time to visit: All year round

Basistha Ashram

Guru Vashishta (or Basistha) is credited to writing the Hindu epic of Vashishta Ramayana (behind the scenes Ramayana). It is believed that the sage constructed this ashram and later breathed his last here. The construction, architecture and beautiful locale all mix in beautifully and have resulted in the serene and picturesque ashram.

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Distance from the City: 9.5 Kms
Time required: 45 mins
Ideal for: History enthusiasts, family and friends
Best time to visit: October to March

Assam State Museum

The Assam State Museum is placed at the core of Guwahati in Assam. Established in 1940 by the Assam Research Society, it was taken over by the State Government in the year 1953. Kanklal Baruah was founder president of the museum. This museum is a great place to visit if you want a sneak-peak of the history of the North-east India.

Distance from the City: 7 Kms
Time required: 30 mins
Ideal for: Friends and family
Best time to visit: All year round

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to the densest population of One-horned Rhinos in the world, the Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary is a small heaven for the wildlife lovers, situated 30 km to the east of Guwahati. It is one of the two treasure troves of the famed and endangered one-horned Rhinos in the world coupled with an amazing birdlife which has earned it the tag of “Bharatpur of the East”.

Distance from the City: 46 Kms
Time required: 2 hours
Ideal for: Wildlife enthusiasts, friends and family
Best time to visit: October to March

Kaziranga National Park

Home to two-thirds of the world’s one horned rhinoceros population, this national park has been declared as a World Heritage Site. Sitting in the laps of Mother Nature, this park has a very versatile bio diversity which makes Kaziranga National Park a very important and popular tourist destination.

Distance from the City: 190 Kms
Time required: 4 hours
Ideal for: Wildlife enthusiasts, friends and family
Best time to visit: November to February

Navagraha Temple

Perched on top of the Chitrachal Hill (or Navagraha Hill) in south eastern Guwahati, Navagraha Temple is a revered Hindu shrine dedicated to the nine celestial bodies. Built in the old shikhara style architecture, the venerated temple is a popular pilgrim spot and is flocked by devotees’ day in and day out.

Distance from the City: 45 Kms
Time required: 1 hour 30 mins
Ideal for: Religious people, family and friends
Best time to visit: November – December

Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium

Inaugurated in 2007, Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium is located in the southern edge of Guwahati in Lokhra and is also known as Sarusajai Stadium. The magnanimous stadium recorded the highest number of spectators i.e 32844 to watch the ISL match between the local club Northeast United and Chennaiyin FC.

Distance from the City: 10 Kms
Time required: 40 mins
Ideal for: Sports enthusiasts, North East United fans, Sports lovers
Best time to visit: All year round

Nehru Park

Located in the heart of the city of Guwahati, opposite to Cotton College in Pan Bazaar area of Guwahati, Nehru Park is a charming garden park built in 2000 and named after the first Prime Minister of India- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Distance from the City: 6 Kms
Time required: 25 mins
Ideal for: Nature lovers, family and friends
Best time to visit: November to March

Things to do in Guwahati

Try Some Barbeque at Khorika

Named after the Assamese barbequed dishes, this eatery serves a radiant choice of provincial dishes in air-conditioned rooms. Try out the grilled small fish or even the fried pigeon meat.

Visit the Assam State Museum

This historical center has a substantial sculpture collection, with the upper floors being dedicated to useful tribal society displays. In the anthropological galleries, you can stroll through reproduced tribal homes that give a look into ordinary rural life.

Worship at Kamakhya Mandir

It is a religious temple located in the Nilachal hills and it is a well-known spot around the country. One must visit this place while having a tour of Guwahati.

Go for a morning walk at Nehru Park

While the park tosses light on the way of life of Assamese, it offers great entertainment for youngsters. The play area has different rides and plays for youngsters. The rock garden and open theater are the other essential elements of the park.

Go for a River Cruise at the Mighty River Brahmaputra

Cruising on the Brahmaputra River is a thing that you can’t neglect. The longer cruise are the most ideal ones as you get plentiful time to dream away undisturbed and be lost in Brahmaputra’s astonishing views. The Alfresco Grand is one of the numerous ship cruises that takes in people amid the evening time for a river ride from the city.

Boating in Digalipukhri Park

Situated in the heart of Old Guwahati, the park is extremely alluring and has boating facilities for the general population enthusiastic about boating. It is additionally known as a lover’s paradise.

How To Reach Guwahati?

Flight | Train | Bus

Nearest Railway Station to Guwahati: Guwahati Junction, Kamakhya Junction

Nearest Airport to Guwahati: Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport

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Nearest Bus Stop to Guwahati: Guwahati Bus Adda

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Where to Stay in Guwahati?

Ginger Hotel | Cygnett Inn Repose | Kiranshree Portico

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Rent A Car: 

If you do not wish to take your car, you can rent one from: ZoomCar | Myles | MyChoize

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