There’s a travel goal we have all had during our college days and that is a once-in-a-lifetime Goa trip. Some lucky chaps must have had ample number of Goa-weekends back in the day and must be looking for fresh destinations for reunions. But, there are many who are still yearning for that one College Reunion Trip to Goa, in which they splurge their corporate money and live their dreams! So now for the ever-working digitally engaged generation, do you know that you can make that college Goa reunion a new experience all over again? Some simple hacks and a decent amount of money are all you need to make that craving a real deal with your friends.


Fly to Goa

Flight to Goa

Back in the college days, living out of that stipulated “pocket money” was the order of the day. Now that you are an independent corporate honcho, obviously you would love the luxe feels of travelling to Goa from wherever you are, probably even from Mumbai also! But the real deal is to book flights using Makemytrip Coupons. Cleartrip helps you keep track of your bookings and helps you in easy rescheduling too so that your Goa trip is easy on your pocket as well as on your schedule. Otherwise, MakeMyTrip is always there, just book on the desktop site via CashKaro for good savings!

Self Drive to Goa

Self Drive to Goa

If you stay in Bangalore or Mumbai and are looking forward to a reunion trip with your schoolmates or college friends, you could rent a car from Zoomcar that comes with Zoomcare offers and discounts, fewer liabilities and risks; plus, you won’t have to feel bad because you’re driving your friend’s car! So revel with your head held up high as you all decide to rent a car and take turns to drive amidst the lush green oceanic highways. Another renting service that’s making the generation go crazy is Mylescar – it’s fast, providing SUVs in good condition and also offering student-friendly prices, so why not give our Myles cars coupons a try!

Take the Bus

Mercedes Benz

Well, the comfort of travelling in a bus can be felt best if you plan your trip from Bangalore, Pune, or Mumbai and pick a bus that ferries through the Western Ghats during the day. You could go for a bus that has sleeper beds for extra comfort and at best, those Airavat or Mercedes Benz buses that ply regularly between Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat. Probably apps like MobiKwik and Abhibus can help you with the bookings!


Enough with the travel already, let’s decide the most important part – staying at Goa. Depending on your budget, there are great options you can pick!

#1 Booking Rooms at 7-star hotels

You are lying if you haven’t fancied a stay at the J W Marriot or the Lalit Golf Resort and Spa where you get access to the biggest casinos, the swankiest bars and swimming pools and craziest spa massages with absolute privacy. Choose websites like or before you decide on the King Size Suites so that you have all the important information at hand and not to mention, the best rooms at the best prices. Goomo hotels is another fab choice for hotel bookings, they give you beach view resort rooms, spa bookings, easy touring assistance and everything you need for the best vacation ever!

#2 Book cottages and guest houses 

If you are a group of frequent travellers, then enjoying the local culture and local cuisine must be the top priority. Get the real feel of Goan shacks, beach restaurants and rustic Goan cottages by staying in little corners of Panaji. Rent a couple of scooters and make the ultimate Goa travel dreams come true! This is what newbies in their corporate careers are turning to, with great assistance from MakeMyTrip Homestays!

What all can you do in Goa?

Other than the clichéd partying with your friends on the beaches in Goa, there are a lot of other things that you can do, especially during the day time. Visit Goa’s tallest waterfall, ‘Dudhsagar Falls’ to enjoy nature’s true serenity. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another must-see place. Se Cathedral – Asia’s largest church, Anjuna Flea Market, Fontainhas and Ashiyana Yoga Centre among others are some more places that are worth visiting when in Goa. But, as it goes without saying, while you’re in Goa, party hard like there’s no tomorrow!

***So … let the party begin!!!***

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Picture courtesy: Holidify, Tripadvisor.
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