Planning to Turn Vegetarian? We Got You Covered!

Switching from non-vegetarian to vegetarian diet can be quite hard. Though considering the growing lifestyle diseases and other concerns, switching to vegetarian or vegan diet is much appreciated. We are here to make your transition period a little easier. Have a look at our quick guide to the cuisines you can choose from and the types of food you need to include in your diet to compensate for skipping meat from your diets.

Here are some of the cuisines you can try out from the Swiggy menu:

South Indian Food

The first thought that comes into your mind when you think of south Indian cuisine, is the yummy, steaming dosas. Masala dosa with steaming sambar and a choice of chutneys can be quite a filling meal. Don’t forget to ask for crispy vadas to go with it! Idly, upma, appam & stew, uttapam, rice and a variety of rice items are great options to try out as well. Then wash it all down with a freshly brewed filter coffee!

Punjabi Food

Punjabi cuisine is popular for their butter chicken, but that’s not it! They have yummilicious vegetarian dishes as well. Taste paneer tikka, dal makhani, sarson ka sag and Punjabi chole among others from authentic Punjabi restaurants to fall in love with their cuisine if you already haven’t.

Asian Food

There are great options for vegetarian food in pan-Asian cuisine. From soups and dumplings to noodles and rice, the options are endless. Pick a good restaurant from Swiggy’s Asian restaurants list for the best vegetarian options in Asian food.

Swiggy offers an array of vegetarian restaurants on its list across all cities it serves. Wondering what to order from the restaurants and cuisines you choose? Here are some of the food items you can look to include in your diet to make sure you have a balanced diet:

Tofu, Paneer Dishes

Paneer is a great vegetarian item to order. Made out of curdled milk, it is high on protein and calcium. Tofu is a vegan alternative to paneer, made out of soy milk. It is a popular meat substitute and is high in protein and iron. Whether you turn vegan or vegetarian, these can certainly compensate for not including the meat you are used to having in your diet.

Lentils, Beans Dishes

Beans and legumes are a must in your vegetarian diet as they are great sources of the protein you will miss out from meat. They also are great sources of dietary fibre, vitamin B, and other nutrients. Among beans, some of the best options are: chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, soya beans, rajma, etc. and among legumes, go for lentils, peas and peanuts. They are best eaten as salads, soups or stews.

Vegetarian Thali Meals

These are all-rounders. No more worries whether your meal is balanced if you are planning to order a wholesome thali, which will get you all the required nutrients from its array of dishes. These dishes come with rotis and/or rice, and a sweet meat for dessert. The complete meal at a reasonable price!

For more vegetarian options, you can choose the ‘Vegetarian’ filter in the Swiggy search tab.

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