Points to consider before buying a budget LED TV Online

Spending your money on a LED TV only to realize it does not meet your needs can be disappointing. You could buy a budget LED TV online and yet have an excellent watching experience. There are certain factors that decide if a particular LED TV is the right fit for you or not.

Here are 8 important points to consider before buying an LED TV Online on a Budget.

Check for Minimum Viewing Distance

Just because you can afford a 65-inch or are getting a better bargain in the market doesn’t mean you should buy one. It is important to note that to efficiently accommodate a 65-inch TV, a minimum viewing distance of 9 feet should be maintained. Similarly, a minimum viewing distance of 7 feet should be maintained in case of a 40-inch TV and 4 feet in case of a 32-inch TV. Hence, the room size is an important factor to be considered while buying a LED TV.

Look out for More Connectivity Choices

Connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB port, HDMI and Audio Jack are great features to enjoy a more flexible viewing experience.  This way you can watch movies from your mobile or any other device on the big screen conveniently.

Check for Higher Refresh Rate

The Refresh Rate is the frequency with which the picture on the screen refreshes every second. A Higher Refresh Rate translates to a more seamless watching experience. The standard refresh rate is 60 Hz and a higher refresh rate will ensure the video doesn’t blur.

Check for Audio Output

The tendency to check for video quality tends to overshadow the aspect of audio quality. A good video coupled with audio power makes for a complete watching experience. If required, invest in a decent soundbar or speaker to not feel disappointed.

Check for Full HD Resolution

Extend your budget if you must, but invest in a TV with resolution greater than or equal to 1080 p. The clarity adds to the experience when playing games or watching movies on the TV. 4K is the most popular HD Resolution even though 8K provides a much more dynamic experience. The reason is most movies and shows are not equipped for 8K viewing yet. So, if you do not want to limit yourself then go for 4K HD Resolution.

Don’t Get Fooled by a Smart TV

Not all Smart TVs are great purchases as certain products have their own dedicated app store and OS which means restricted access to the apps you prefer. So, buy a TV online that supports all the popular apps. Bottom line, most TVs are Smart TVs nowadays. So, you would not be missing anything. Alternatively, you may also purchase a regular LCD or LED TVs and plug-in devices like Google Chromecast or Amazon’s Fire TV Stick to make a dumb TV smart.

Get HDR for the Best Colors

If you want to experience exceptional colours then go for an LED TV with an HDR feature. HDR or the Higher Dynamic Range is an advanced feature of the 4K/8K resolution TVs. If you thought that 4K was amazing, then an HDR 4K is pure magic.

Extended Warranty Only After Careful Speculation

Extended Warranties are more of a passé now. LED TV components from leading brands are well-equipped to sustain for a longer period. So, by the time you would need it, even the extended warranty period is most likely be over. These mostly work in favour of the brand rather than the consumers. However, if you are looking for one then it is better to strike the best deal on price.


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