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Like leather jackets and cool hairstyles, for more than once the reason we think sunglasses are cool is that they make the actors in movies look good. Actors and directors know that people look enigmatic when their eyes are not visible. Style icons like Steve McQueen are still known for the sunglasses they wore, and sales of Ray-Ban Aviators famously went up by 40 percent after Tom Cruise wore a pair in Top Gun.

In this blog we bring you some of the most popular sunglasses styles that celebrities wore in the movies and how you can grab them;

Ray-Ban Aviator (Top Gun):

Surprisingly enough, Aviator sunglasses were first made for test pilots. Way back in the 1930s, before the advent of modern helmets and visors, they were used to protect eyes of the pilots. Hence, they were included in the drama action film Top Gun, even if they were only worn on the ground by Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and co. ClubFactory offers an amazing range of Ray-Ban Aviators at fascinating prices for all.

Vintage Jean-Paul Gaultier Round Glasses (Leon):

In 1995’s Leon, Jean Reno’s hitman-with-a-heart predicted what men would be wearing 20 years later. It’s the round acetate sunglasses that really make the look. You can grab these cool sunglasses at cheaper prices by using ClubFactory discount coupons.

Custom-Made Oval Sunglasses (Matrix):

Matrix-style sunglasses, like most of the things from the ’90s, have been trending for the past couple of years. Smaller frames with angular lenses or a slanted oval shape, like those worn by Keanu Reeves, might be the hardest style to wear on this list but they can complete a statement streetwear outfit for many. You can avail ClubFactory promo code to grab them at discounted costs.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster (Reservoir Dogs):

Ferris Bueller also wore these sunglasses and wore them well, but nothing compares to that early scene in Reservoir Dogs as the gang of identically-suited criminals walks down the street in slow-mo.

These are some of the most popular sunglasses worn by actors in the movies that are trending today and you can get them all from ClubFactory. Don’t forget to check out ClubFactory coupons on CahKaro before hopping on to shop online.

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