Despite marijuana being classified as a non-therapeutic product, decades of research shows that marijuana (better known as weed, pot etc.) has proven medical benefits. Sounds like rubbish to a few, but there are people in large numbers all across the world who have used it to cure colds, nausea and even some problems related to cancer. Not that we’re endorsing its regular consumption but maybe you could be aware of some of marijuana’s medical benefits to understand why some countries and more than 20 American states actually legalized it.

Marijuana relieves pain in all parts of the body

The primary reason people in many parts of the world use marijuana or Cannabis is that it actually relieves muscular and bone pain. It reduces inflammation and redness by acting on immune cells and nerve cells which work in consortium to send pain signals to the brain.

Marijuana helps in weight loss

Woman with barefoot standing on bathroom scale.Have you noticed that long-term users of weed are usually the lean and slim? Yes, weed has got something to do with increased fat absorption and energy availability in the body, and it doesn’t stop at that, it reduces your carbohydrate cravings too. So if you’re looking for the quickest way to lose weight, cannabis oil (not weed + tobacco cigarettes) should be your best friend.

Marijuana can be used to cure glaucoma (disease of the eye)

Glaucoma of the eye is when the internal pressure in the eye increases to a level higher than the normal, posing blurry vision problems and pain in the eyes. This pain and inflammation related pressure has been shown to reduce with use of cannabis oil in little amounts over a period of time by scientists working at the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health.

Marijuana provides relief in times of seizures

In patients suffering with a nervous ailment called Epilepsy, a medicine derived from weed has shown therapeutic effects. This drug “Sativex” controls regulation of nerves associated with excitement and emotions that trigger convulsions inside the brain, better known as seizures. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent accounted the treatment of a 5-year old patient with a severe epilepsy disease using medical marijuana that showed outstanding developments.

Pot Therapy:

Marijuana relieves side effects of cancer treatment

This is no more a secret as many cancer survivors have accounted their treatment experiences using various forms of cannabis (oil, leaf extract, and wax). Even the American government’s web resources on health point to the utilization of cannabis-derived compounds in treating nausea, pain, inflammation and are approved as medicinal products. Isn’t it high time, our government took note of this?

Marijuana has shown relief in severe muscle illness

For patients suffering with muscle disorders like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, taking the fumes of cannabis oil has reduced chronic pain and muscle spasms. In Canada, this treatment is legal and better known as pot therapy.

Marijuana can help fight addictions

Smoking pot is less dangerous than consuming alcohol and tobacco cigarettes. Plus, marijuana helps reorient nerves that have undergone massive changes due to long periods of alcohol consumption. Cannabinoids bind to nerves associated with hormonal secretions pertaining to moods and emotions and stabilize them.


Marijuana addictions are rare, but the problem is that in India, marijuana is mixed with other psychoactive substances to increase its colour, texture, effects and demand. Thus, to make marijuana legal, the one step we all can take is stop its ‘illegal’ sale and consumption. You can find more facts on the historical and cultural significance of marijuana in Elliot Steve’s Little Black Book on Marijuana.




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