Having thick spicy curries or red-chilly gravies these days leads to stomach aches, intermittent diarrhea or bloating issues that we’re tired of dealing with, most of the time. And the healing elixirs we resort to, i.e. antacid capsules, intestinal laxatives and antibiotic medication, offer only momentary relief instead of long-lasting digestion capabilities.

That’s why Probiotic supplements had been formulated years ago, so that our guts cope up with our love for different cuisines effortlessly. Now, this world of bacteria-aided treatment is taking a better shape with the addition of “Prebiotics”.


Enter the world of Probiotics: Superfoods containing bacteria that grow on your gut lining promoting better resorption of fats, proteins and heavy carbohydrates.

  • Probiotics are bacteria that grow inside your body to help in digestion, keep your gut clear of fat deposits and toxins, and also keep away harmful bacterial strains that cause infections.
  • These medicines are designed to work on your gut harmlessly, but they cannot serve as substitutes for treating ‘Crohn’s disease’, a common digestive illness that begins with swelling of the intestinal lining.
  • Probiotics can be sourced naturally from yoghurts, soft cheeses and sauerkraut, else you can opt for the supplements available over-the-counter.

Commonly available Probiotics

1. Vista Nutrition Probiotic Immune
– Exclusively for boosting immunity.
– Strengthens the gut flora due the quickest bacterial growth rates.
– Can be taken as 3 tablets daily or as directed by the doctor.
Available on Amazon.com and HealthKart.com.

2. HealthAid Acidophilus Plus 4 Billion
– Available in a powder form that can be mixed with milk or juices for consumption.
– Only 1 capsule has to be taken per day or as the doctor advises.
Buy HeathAid Acidopillus Plus 4 Billion here.

Now, another concoction of biotic foods has come in, which promotes the activity of Probiotics by leaps and bounds. We simply call them Prebiotics.

Simply put, prebiotics are food for the bacteria, or foodstuff that our digestion system cannot digest itself. Even hand sanitizers contain prebiotics to help maintain skin microflora that moisturize the palms of our hands.rowland-figure-1

Prebiotics pass as undigested food up till the stomach. After reaching the large intestine, they activate the large intestinal bacteria.

Chemically, they can boost healthy cholesterol levels, protein and Calcium utilization and formation of new immune cells. They’re noted to show improvements in GI cancers too.

Prebiotics, the new bacteria-based treatment has seen immense development in order to counter the surge in chronic diseases like High Cholesterol and Irritable Bowel Syndrome by uplifting the activity of probiotics.

Commonly available Prebiotics

INLIFE Pre & Probiotics
– Available as a pack of 60 capsules.
– 1 tablet to be taken after lunch and dinner.
– Meant for adults.
– Require a registered doctor’s prescription.
Available on HealthKart.com.

The other medicines you can take are Bifilac ZN Sachet, EnteroFlora Schet 3 GM and MagniPro Z Sachet 1GM, which are over-the-counter prebiotic supplements.


Give your body a generous dose of gut-resolving bacteria and make your digestion ailments just vanish off, ONCE and for ALL.

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