Prep Yourself For Valentine’s With These 9 Wondrous Products

As clichéd as it may sound, saying hello to February most obviously means saying hello to the season of love. As we traverse through this change of climate, so does our body crave the care and attention that it didn’t get in those cold damaging winters. With Valentine’s day around the corner, it’s just the right time you should pamper yourself with these 9 vital products that’ll help your body breathe anew.


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

downloadThis moisture enriching concoction has a calming and purifying effect on facial skin which brings in a new glow on your face from the first application itself. It heals redness, blemishes and dark spots without causing any harm at all. It works its wonders on all skin types and is specially recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Ageing Serum

51nhNDXiRqL._AA300_Applying this serum before you’re retiring to bed ensures that the next morning your skin looks supple and clear even without applying anything else. The serum seeps into your skin while you’re in deep sleep and keeps your skin glowing the next day. Hence, it’s a product you absolutely must apply the night before your valentine’s date.

Aroma Magic Combination Skin Essentials Kit

ttttttttttThis DIY facial kit by Blossom Kochhar’s brand “Aroma Magic” is just what you need to bring back your skin’s innate glow amidst long working hours and unending chores at home. The 4-step process of cleanser, toner, gel toner and moisturiser is suited for all skin types and specially meant for an oily T-zone plus dry cheeks. Turmeric cleanses and purifies skin naturally and moring and clary herbs blended with essential skin oils rejuvenate your skin tone with its first application.

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

ffdThe Body Shop’s skincare products are proven to repair, regrow and clarify skin cells since their initial days, and this Tea Tree BB cream is another highlight in this category. This cream when applied in quantities of a minute drop spreads evenly onto the skin and pigments released from the microbeads cover blemishes and pimple spots. The tea tree oil present in this moisturising cream works on pimple marks and works well on oily skin.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter


Since winter causes our skin to become exceptionally dry, hydrating our skin inside out is the only thing that helps. This TBS product has been preferred by most women across the globe for its unfailing moisturizing properties on the whole body for the whole day. You can use this cream without having any second thoughts because with vitamin E, cocoa seed extracts and glycerin blending together into the deepest pores and heal your skin.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Cream

oils-of-life-intensely-revitalizing-sleeping-cream_lThis intense hydration elixir is all you need if you already have dry skin and winters roughed up your skin more than ever. It’s a little on the expensive side but it’s proven to be one of the most beneficial body care products across the globe. Applying this after a bath or before going to sleep means your body will get back its supple and hydrated glow even WITHOUT being greasy. Now who doesn’t want that?


Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hair Therapy Repair Rescue

BC Repair Rescue Nourishing ShampooOur bouncy curls only become dry frizzy and week-rooted because of winter’s harsh effects on them. That’s why deep nourishment of hair along with resilience from hair breakage is utmost necessary, and this Bonacure Hair Therapy Repair Rescue shampoo has all the vital ingredients to do just that. Proteo-lipids, a combination of hair proteins and root oils restore growth capacities of the scalp and seeps beyond the superficial hair cortices to rebuild the roots for stronger hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Time Restore Conditioner

Schwarzkopf Professional Q10 Plus Bonacure Time Restore Conditioner 1000ml-500x500Since dryness and dandruff makes our hair fragile and prone to weak roots, applying this conditioner onto damp towel-dried hair makes it soft, bouncy and reduces tangling. This conditioner has co-enzyme Q-10, the most vital protein for new cell growth. Use it for a week and see how your hair improves in texture by reduction of split ends and reactivation of epidermal cells. Q 10 restores hair length too by refurbishing collagen in the strands.


Scholl Rough Skin Remover Cream

71D25diY1OL._SY450_Now that spring is here, you can shove away your boots and get back to your stilettos again! But for flaunting your glowing skin, your heels shouldn’t look scaly and cracked. This heel softening cream actually rebuilds skin cells in the palm of the feet and reduces redness and itching at the base of the toes. In just 5-7 days, your feet becomes softer, smoother and feels fresh. Take this easy-to-use skin healing cream by Scholl and be confident in your heels right away!

Diet and fitness also play a big role in rejuvenating your skin. So in your preparation for the upcoming days, make sure you’re including some stretches and keeping a watch on your calories … to keep those last minute pimples AWAY!

Mahasweta G Pal
CashKaro Blog