Mint is an herb which is used worldwide and has the highest antioxidant capacity of any food. Mint also called “Mentha” has around 13-18 species which are annual herbs. It is used to make toothpaste, gums, candy, medicines, cosmetics and a lot more.

Being rich in antioxidants, mint is one of the herbs which helps to treat the common cold, indigestion, muscle pain and more. Get to know more about Pudina, so start reading.

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Benefits of Pudina

1. Helps to Treat Asthma

Mint inhibits relaxant properties which are quite useful for people suffering from asthma. It helps in relieving congestion from the nasal pipe, however, you must not consume it in high quantities as iot may result in irritation in stomach and nose.

2. Helps to Lose Weight

It enables the release of the digestive enzymes that consume the fat in the body to produce energy which in turn helps to lose weight.

3. Treats Respiratory Disorders

Mint if chewed as an herb or in the form of tea, helps to clear congestion in the throat, nose, lungs, and bronchi. It helps to soothe the effects of common cold and other respiratory disorders.

4. Prevents Allergies

Essential oils present in mint helps to release certain chemicals that help to prevent the human body from allergies.

5. Makes your Skin Healthy

Containing antipruritic and antiseptic properties, mint helps to cure skin infections, itching, and acne. A regular intake of mint helps to make the skin glowing and healthy.

6. Aids in Breast Feeding  

Mint has properties which help to get rid of cracked nipples of breastfeeding mothers. Applying mint oil to the affected area helps to soothe the pain and helps in a steady flow of feeding.

7. Helps in Digestion

It contains properties that help to soothe and cleanse the stomach which in turn helps the salivary glands to activate that produces digestive enzymes.

8. Reduces Nausea

It is said that the peppermint oil is helpful to reduce nausea by adding it into water or rubbing 1-2 drops behind the ear.

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Uses of Pudina

  • Dried Peppermint leaves are used with other herbs in herbal tea.
  • It is used as a flavouring agent in ice-creams, candy, fruit preservatives, shampoos, soaps, skin care products and more.
  • It is used as a flavoring agent and garnishes in many dishes
  • Pudina leaves are used to deter ants and mice
  • It is also used to pacify burns as it has a Cooling effect
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How To Consume

  • Chew not more than 2-3 mint leaves a day for a healthy body
  • Add 1-2 drops of mint oil in water to use it for a healthy lifestyle

Note: Consult a doctor before taking mint leaves or oils

Side Effects of Mint

  • If peppermint oil is used in higher doses, it may be toxic for the human body
  • Avoid consuming pure menthol as it is poisonous and should never be taken internally
  • Do not apply mint oil on an infant’s face as it may cause spasms
  • Do not use mint if you previously had gallstones
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Buyer’s Guide for Pudina (Mint)

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