QNT Whey Protein: Review, Price and Nutrition

QNT (Quality Nutrition Technology), founded in 1988, is a sports supplements brand from Belgium. The brand’s manufacturing units are GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, and EFSIS certified. They sell products in over 50 different countries across the globe. QNT whey protein is a unique blend of whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate and also provides all the amino acids necessary to maintain and develop muscle mass.

QNT Whey Protein is easy to dissolve, easy to digest, comes with a smooth texture and is available in a variety of flavours. Whey Protein can be an essential partner for a reduced calorie diet.

Fast facts about QNT Whey Protein :

  • Contains milk, soya
  • Has no added sugar and no aspartame
  • Available in wide range of flavors
  • Contains 47 g of whey protein per serving

Components of QNT Whey Protein

Serving- 23 gm

Protein- 23.3 gm

Carbohydrates- 2.9 gm

Fats- 2 gm

Calories- 124 kcal

Benefits of QNT Whey Protein

Helps in Gaining Muscle Mass

QNT Whey Protein contains up to 80% protein with a good amino acid profile that helps you achieve your muscle building goals.

Easy to Digest

QNT contains Whey protein hydrolysate which is a protein that has gone through hydrolysis process. This technique breaks down proteins into smaller peptides, which allows a much faster and efficient absorption.

Aids in Weight Loss

QNT contains a very low quantity of fat and carbohydrates, which makes it very valuable for sports people who are trying to loose weight.

Cons of QNT Whey Protein


QNT costs more than other products in the market with similar ingredients.

Artificial Flavours

As per QNT Whey Protein review, the supplement is formulated using artificial flavouring agents which may prove to be harmful in the long run.

Contains Soy and Milk

QNT also contains soy and milk which may trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Taste of QNT Whey Protein

QNT whey protein is available in 10 delicious flavours –

Banana, Belgian Chocolate, Lemon Meringue, Coconut, Cookie Cream, Strawberry, Stracciatella, Tiramisu, Vanilla and Yogurt Mango

All these flavours give a smooth texture and exquisite taste with both milk and water. This is a protein powder that you will love to enjoy at any time of the day.

Price of QNT Whey Protein

QNT whey protein has a  quite moderate price. It has the same price as that of ON gold standard whey protein but quality wise it not even close to ON protein.

QNT Whey Protein

Price of QNT Whey Protein – ₹5199 for 4.85 lb

Many websites sell QNT products. To avoid buying fake products, one should buy them from well reputed websites. Some of the reliable e-stores selling these are:

Do check the import seal/code on the box before after getting the product. This will save you from being a victim of duplicity. Shop from CashKaro to get great discounts and Cashback.

Check Price: QNT Whey Protein

Types of QNT Whey Protein

  • QNT Delicious Whey Protein
  • QNT Light Digest Whey Protein
  • QNT Prime Whey Protein


QNT is a very popular brand that sells nutrition supplements of the highest quality. Their products may be a little expensive, but are definitely worth the money. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend too much money, then QNT products may not be for you.

Products QNT Sells

  • Protein Supplements
  • Mass Gainers
  • Protein bars
  • Protein drinks
  • Fat burners
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Pre/Post Workout Supplements

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