• Celebrities as brand ambassadors fail to entice customers unless what they endorse delivers

  • Online shopping beats conventional shopping methods with 35% Indians opting to shop online.

  • Puma, Nike, Levis, Allen Solly and Vero Moda are among the most popular fashion brands.

The latest survey conducted by CashKaro.com, India’s largest coupons and Cashback site, covered the preferences of consumers when it comes to shopping for fashion. The results painted a fascinating picture about your behaviour as customers, your fashion inspirations, preferred brands and much more. Here’s what we found out:

Online vs. Offline

Out of our 1000 respondents, 35% prefer online shopping over offline mediums including street shops (17%), multi-brand stores (28%) and even exclusive brand outlets (20%).

71% say that the discounts and deals make them want to take the online route.

However, extra delivery charges and not having the ubiquity of quality inspection were cited as the main downsides of online shopping experience.

All About Brands

We came across some interesting revelations about the brands that were picked by the consumers –

  • In a very interesting shift of trends, 76% respondents revealed that celebrity endorsement does not affect buying decisions. This shows that consumers are becoming smarter and it will not suffice to lure them with big names. Ultimately, it boils down to quality.
  • While advertising has greatly influenced buying decisions in the past, only 7% respondents said that they are appealed by brands due to advertisements now.
  • The top brands chosen include Puma, Nike, Levis, Allen Solly and Vero Moda.

Inspired Buying

A lot of the respondents look for inspiration when it comes to shopping for apparel. While 27% females look to blogs such as PopXO for a little fashion guidance, 33% of the men surveyed derive inspiration from movies.

A large number also goes through magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan to find their style icons.

Fashion consciousness is not limited to women any longer as even 30% men said that they put special efforts into style and try to look fashionable.

On the whole, 62% respondents revealed that apart from feeling comfortable, they’d also like to look presentable and fashionable.

Closing In On A Budget

As far as the amount of money spent on fashion is concerned, the results are:

65% of the respondents stated that on an average, they spend between Rs 1000-Rs 5000 on fashion and accessories in a month.

Women take the lead in terms of spending on fashion, the number being more than Rs 5000 per month on an average.

In Conclusion

The fashion preferences of both men and women are evolving. While the amount of money they spend on shopping is increasing, the amount of time they spend is decreasing with the advent of online shopping.

fashion surveyAll in all, we’re ready to become a more fashion conscious country where everyone is looking to up their style game. As they say, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” India, as it turns out, is going to speak up!

The survey was conducted at a Pan-India level with 61% female participation. A majority of the participants fell under the 20-30 year age bracket.

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