Are you a single living guy or girl, always headed out for work and for parties? Or, are you a newlywed wife, miserably looking for ideas to do up your home super quick and yet, look superbly beautiful?  Hang in there, ‘cause we’ve got your back. We’re here to give you some home décor ideas that will help you welcome your guests in the most humbling and creative ways … without going berserk and also without burning a hole in your pocket!

First things first – CLEAN UP YOUR HOME

If you haven’t figured that one out already, it’s high time you did. Floors, window sills, curtains and every corner of the house needs a rigorous clean-up. You could either hire someone to do it, or pent up your energy for it because a neat and tidy home pleases the eye even without any fancy décor.

Pay attention to the colour theme of the walls

Lighter hues make rooms look subtle and well-spaced … while darker colours add character to your personal spaces. In short, your home décor is like an extension of your persona, so work on this canvas as you like. When your walls and ceiling are in lighter pastels, the furnishings become the center of attraction. If you already have furniture and the room is dark, then stick to uncluttered silhouettes and clear lines.


Your furniture shouldn’t block your way

Arranging the furniture is easier said than done, but it is quite a requisite to give your room a fresh look. Plus, it adds up to the cleaning up ritual. So place your furniture in a way that your doorways are not disturbed and the ventilation in all the rooms is perfect. Sunlight and ventilation keep rooms fresh no matter what season of the year it is.

Signature carpets


Move over boring monochromes and synthetic carpets in pastel hues and bring home the everlasting Persian and Turkish handcrafted carpets that raise your taste to a perfect ten. These carpets and rugs not only add a stylish finish to your rooms but they also protect your feet from dust and damage. So invest in a carpet in vibrant antique prints or modern contemporary designs in geometric patterns.

Give your bed linen a burst of colours

When the walls look pretty and the windows let in bright sunshine, why should the bedsheets and pillows look sorry? Let your room breathe a myriad of colours with home furnishings by Aapno Rajasthan, the bed linen brand that has been a perfect match for Indian homes since its inception.


Some winter preparation ought to be done

We Indians have obsessed over cotton bedsheets, pillow covers and cushion covers weaved and woven by Rajasthani women since time immemorial, and now Jaipur and Jodhpur quilts have also left quite a mark in the home furnishings segment. If you love vibrant hues and aesthetic designs in quilts and bed covers, Aapno Rajasthan has a collection you’ll love to bring home.

Place doormatsdeed7dc64cedbca714d35a6ddcb22d78

Your walkways are definitely going to be incomplete without these accessories. Don’t let them be plain and simple. Bring in statement doormats in florals and coral hues, or quirky graphics printed doormats from that’ll make your guests giggle and smirk.

That’s all it takes to give your home a personalized flavour!! Get, Set, Go!!

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