Brides, are you ready to be the apple of everyone’s eyes? From the engagement to the wedding day, apprehensions are high and time takes a flight between shopping, spending time with family, work and meeting the groom-to-be! Little do you actually spend time catering to what YOU would need, apart from your trousseau and honeymoon outfits. But trust me, no magical lamp can make everything just-so-perfect on your wedding day. It takes a few simple know-hows to make it all perfect at the end! Please don’t scream yet. Please just be still and read along these tips and tricks that are going to be more than just your saving grace.

*1* You have under-eye bags and dry skin!

The area under the eyes could become drier than you thought because of you missing to drink ample liters of water. Even repeated face-washes could be the reason. What really helps instantly is dabbing ice-soaked cotton pads and rosewater. You can also take a quick nap with cucumbers on your eyes to rest them enough to let go off puffy eyes or any bagginess under your eyes.


We recommend: Khadi Natural Rose Water 210 ml || Kaya Lighten and Smooth Under Eye Gel available at

*2* You just had a pimple on your cheeks!

pimpleA big-fat Indian wedding comprises week-long festivities which often tend to become stressful for the bride. So a sudden pimple comes as no surprise. Resolve this breakout by rubbing an ice-cube initially and applying apple cider vinegar on it. You can also apply a spot corrector solution that clears acne within an hour after application. Just make sure that you keep to non-carbonated beverages and dry fruits as your consumable and forget rice and sweets for a while.

We recommend: Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector available on

*3* Your skin starts to itch while applying the bridal makeup

Please beware of this disaster because not all makeup artists use MAC or Chanel products for their work. Itches are mostly due to bad-quality concealers or highlighters.  So before you can let this happen to you, please shell out a little money of your own and keep makeup staples like an eyeliner (even your regular one would help) and lip liners. A good thing to do is to have a hydrating makeup remover at hand (there’s one by Neutrogena that really works wonders).

We recommend: Lakme Absolute forever silk eye liner || Lakme Absolute forever silk lip liner both available on Nykaa.

*4* Your makeup starts to crack

As we were discussing before, it could be the case that your artist doesn’t have longstanding quality products. All you have to do is keep in store a top-notch BB cream that’ll give you a radiant glow and last for long hours. You can also pick a crème compact foundation so that you don’t need much highlightening. Keep cleansing wipes and clean cotton wool with you to make spot fixes quick and easy.

We recommend: Seasoul HD finish BB cream available on || Revlon Vanilla Photo Ready Insta-Fix Foundation available on

*5* You’re sweating under your sari/lehenga

No matter how cold it is outside, it’s your wedding and you’re decked up from head to toe, it’s possible to feel sweaty in your underarms and below your waist. All you have to do is wear armpit sweat pads within your blouse. Plus, you can also tell your bridesmaid (your most trusted cousin or your bestie) to keep cleansing wipes in their bags so that they can quietly sneak in and make you comfy in the blink of an eye. Another thing that you must do is wear panty liners since they control sweat in the intimate areas well.

We recommend: Bella Herbs Tilia Breathable Panty liners || Sirona Underarm Sweat Pads available on Nykaa.

*6* Your blouse isn’t fitting properly!

The lehenga blouse is either two sizes bigger or you’ve put on weight in between the time you gave your order and your D-Day. The former will need safety-pins of different sizes and rubber clips to go with them. These prevent big holes on your clothes and damage of the fabric. You can also solve this issue by wearing padded bras. The latter will require some shopping beforehand. Keep bra extenders, bra clips and shapewear in store. Shapewear made of cotton will help you hide your flab and do away with all your fitting issues.

1211We recommend: Lingerie accessories by

*7* You got PMS or worse, your menses started

tampons-taboos-6Some brides face date issues some time or the other. What you can do is keep tampons or sanitary napkins with you. Tampons provide the maximum comfort so that you just forget about your menses altogether. Drink water at every half an hour to avoid bloating and to prevent pimples. You may also need to pop down a painkiller so please arrange a water bottle for all times.

We recommend: Tampo Bella Super Plus A16′ Comfort available at

*8* You have a cold or a fever that’s just getting worse

We really hope you don’t fall sick but it’s always better to keep some Paracetamol and Ibuprofen at hand. What makes this situation more manageable is a kit having OTC medicines for digestive issues, pain killers, anti-allergic and fever-reducing medicines. You may consult your doctor over a phone call or pay a visit so that your health issues are covered well beforehand.


Don’t worry, after some quick moves here and there, everything will come out all fine and you will look ravishing!

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