What if the best bar in town was right at home? Not only would you save loads of cash, but you’d also become a hit among your friends. Today, we give you a list of 10 must have bar accessories that will help you create your own state-of-the-art home bar.

Golf Bar Set

With an opener, ice crusher, stirrers and cork opener disguised as golf clubs, this leather golf bag is sure to be a winner among golfing and alcohol fans.


Shop Here: Exciting Lives Golf Bar Set

Mr. Right Mrs. Always Right Shot Glasses

He might be the man of the house but he knows that she calls the ‘shots’. These glasses are perfect for husbands who are wise enough to know that their wives know best.


Bar Briefcase

What’s better than a bar in a box that you can carry around with you? Stocked up with glasses, an opener, a measurer and your best bottle of booze, this briefcase is perfect for a picnic or road trips.


Shop Here: Portable Leatherette Briefcase Bar Set

Heart Shaped Wine Bottle Stopper

When your love for wine knows no bounds, tell the world with this heart shaped bottle stopper.


Bonny Boy Liquor Dispenser

This might not be a very tasteful piece but let’s face it, it is a conversation starter.


Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

When you know that your engine runs only on fine alcohol, get your hands on this gas pump that can be used to dispense any beverage you’d like to fill up on.


Beer Chiller Sticks

Keep your beer chilled till the last drop with these stainless steel sticks that you can store in your freezer. Open your bottle, insert the stick and effortlessly drink through it.


Beer Helmet

Not only does this helmet allow you to indulge in hands-free drinking, it also lets you drink from two cans at once.


Shop Here: Beer Helmet

LED Beer Mug

When beer lights up your life like nobody else, sip on it from this liquid activated LED mug.


Shop Here: Liquid Activated LED Mug

Ceramic Iron Hookah

Stylish home décor plus perfect accessory to up your in-house bar game, this mini-sheesha is an absolute must buy.


Shop Here: Ceramic Iron Hookah

Coffin Ash Tray

We’re sorry if this bums you out but they are called cancer sticks. Enjoy!

41fzbtij9zlReady. Set. Drink!

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