Diwali means a lot of different things to different people. For some it’s the time for crackers, for some it’s time to awaken their benevolent soul and help the needy, some thank God for everything they have and for some it’s all about decorating their space so that it looks like it’s come alive with lights and colors. For the people who feel Diwali is the time for their inner artist to surface, here are some beautiful Rangoli designs that you can try this year.


Here are some Rangolis that not only look enchanting but are also pleasantly fragrant. Bring home all the colors you can find and get decorating.




You’ll find a lot of peacocks and diyas in these designs but hey, they never go out of style. Add some lights to them to teach your old rangoli new tricks.



Through these designs we bring out the beauty of the almighty and hope that he showers his blessings on our homes.



Try these designs if you are too cool for old school. All-Diya designs, water rangolis and edgy geometric patterns are all a part of the easy to create modern rangolis.


Which design will adorn your home this year?

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