Best Rangoli Making Kits

Making rangolis is one of the best parts of the festive season. These pretty designs adorn the floor and add to the grace and charm of your house. While most people are skilled in making rangolis without the help of any tool, a lot of us find it challenging to make these pretty designs without the help of required equipment. So, if you fall into the latter category and are hunting for some rangoli kits, check out our top picks and bring home the essentials that can help you make even the most complicated rangoli design, easily and quickly.

5 Best Rangoli Making Kits

1. DMS Retail Rangoli Kit

This kit contains some of the best tools to make colourful rangoli with absolute ease. The rangoli stencils are user-friendly and can be used to draw decorative patterns with dry rangoli colours or powder. The kit comes with ten different colour powders that you can use to create colourful patterns on the floor of your living rooms or courtyards.

Eco-Friendly Colours

This kit contains ten eco-friendly colours that are non-toxic for you as well as the environment.

Editor’s Choice

2. Odishabazaar Rangoli Making Kit

A complete package to make colourful rangolis, this kit contains ten stencils, six stamps, one rangoli pen, and one rangoli patta along with ten bottles of shiny powdered colour. Use it to make intricate patterns that involve minute detailing with greater ease. Print random designs by spreading colour on the stencil and pressing it with your hand or outline a pretty rangoli design using a pen and patta.

Full Rangoli Kit

This kit contains all the required rangoli tools, including pen, roller, stamps, and many other tools that can help you create beautiful rangolis.

Popular Choice

3. Ascension Rangoli Kit

This rangoli kit consists of six rangoli stencils that feature multiple designs and five packets of rangoli powder to make beautiful rangolis quickly. The colours are eco-friendly and can come in handy to decorate your house and entrance for every festive occasion or wedding.

Multiple Stencils

This rangoli kit contains multiple stencils that can help you make pretty rangoli designs in an effortless way.

Most Loved

4. Soham Rangoli Making Kit

This complete rangoli kit provides all the necessary equipment that can help you make perfect rangolis in no time. This kit contains ten different colours, four rangoli fillers, one rangoli outliner, one roller, and six design stamps for shapely elements. You can use this kit to draw unique and beautiful rangoli designs for various festive occasions.

Multiple Designs

This rangoli making kit consists of all the essential equipment to make intricate, colourful, and detailed patterns that are otherwise hard to make.

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5. Incredible Gifts Rangoli Making Kit

This rangoli making kit contains three sturdy wooden stencils that feature intricate details and patterns that can be filled with powdered colours. Available with six bottles of colours, and a nozzle attachment, this rangoli making kit can be used to drop the right amount of colour, make visibly clear lines and dotted patterns to adorn the floor.

Pretty Stencils

This rangoli making kit features sturdy wooden stencils that can help print pretty designs on the floor.

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