Fashion is a way through which people express their individuality. But not many like to cross the boundary when it comes to showing who they really are and their unique sense of style.

When it comes to Bollywood, most of the established actors don’t want to step out of their comfort zone. But the one star who knows no limits and follows no trends is Ranveer Singh. Daring, extravagant and a bit crazy are words which aptly describe his style. He is always full of surprising looks and high on quirky quotient. His dressing sense is a reflection of him: Nonchalant, whacky and distinct!

In honor of the star’s 31st birthday, we cover the 7 essentials every guy must own to copy his style. Let’s get started with them:

Quirk it up!

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Nothing says Ranveer Singh more than his quirky clothes. From rocking a lip-print shirt with metallic sneakers at ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ party to sporting a Mario inspired outfit effortlessly to embracing floral prints, the star manages to pull off all his experiments with ease. Needless to say, a quirky clothing piece is a must have in your wardrobe if you want to develop a style similar to his.

Let your sunglasses be a statement piece

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Ranveer Singh likes to see the world not through rose-tinted sunglasses but rather some extra colorful versions. Replace your usual black pair with a pair of colored aviators to feel a bit artsy or opt for brown shades for a subtle change. You will be surprised to see how refreshing the change appears.

Clothes with personality

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When it comes to letting clothes do all the talking, Ranveer does it impeccably. When he arrived at GQ Best dressed men awards 2015 wearing pyjamas with a tee that read “No fucks to give”, he showed how to talk using clothes with quotes and not mouth. The next time you are feeling less pleased with some people around you, you know exactly what to do!

Sneakers are cool

Ranveer Singh style tips (4)-compressed

There are a very few lucky trends that secure a place in Ranveer Singh’s wardrobe and one of those few ones are sneakers. Sneakers, particularly white ones, are having a major fashion moment. The Bollywood celeb shows you how to wear different sneakers to elevate your casual style.  Also, don’t be afraid to switch your formal shoes for a pair of white trainers if you want to change the look of your official attire.

Mr. Cool hat

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Can you guess about the longest standing relationship of Ranveer Singh? Nope! It’s not with Deepika Padukone, but with his beloved hats! When the star dons a hat with just about any kind of style, he shows the world how he has no regard for any kind of settlement.

Go crazy for color

Ranveer singh style tips (6)-compressed

Ranveer Singh’s love affair for colored suits is not unknown. From a printed red evening suit to a uniform dipped in rainbow hues, he hardly forgoes an opportunity to sport them. The next time you have to attend a Black tie event, don’t play it safe by going with a Black tuxedo. Stand apart from the crowd by going bold with a colored tuxedo.

Choose a timeless piece

Ranveer Singh style tips (7)-compressed

Even Ranveer Singh agrees that oxford shoes are a wardrobe staple! There’s no end to the pictures you will find him wearing them. The fact that they can be worn with both formal and semi-formal attire makes them a classic option. Invest in a good pair and care for them properly so that they last for really long.

Above all, never forget to top your outfit with confidence! It’s his confidence that takes him through his oddly fascinating style and gets him a round of applause.

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