Ray-Ban has come out with a pair of Aviators which that are studded with a single, 24 carat gold plated lens. Other features include gold plated flat metal top bridge and temples, an etched logo, upgraded mask shape and more. These sunglasses have been priced at $ 518.

These shades are now looked upon as the go to shades for rock stars facing the spotlights. Also, it has been predicted that these shades might rise in popularity with the remake of Tom Cruise starrer Top Gun. However, Ray-Ban is launching only about 500 pairs of these sunglasses.

A “Run For Gold” Trailer has also been launched to promote these unique limited edition sunglasses.

Ray-Ban is an iconic brand that is looking ahead and making investments in new technologies and affinity brands with its Carbon Fibre Ferrari Collection.

Marie DiPalma, senior brand director at Ray-Ban North America states that, “Pioneering technology and cutting-edge design are key elements at the heart of Ray-Ban’s DNA,” There is always something new and exciting in the works.”





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