Entrepreneurs Under 25 in India

While most of us were receiving our formal education in schools and colleges, being satisfied with what was being taught to us, somewhere some school or college-goer was trying to solve a problem that none of our textbooks mentioned or talked about.

Yep! Real life problems which most of us had accepted as a way of life were being tackled head on by young entrepreneurs. Today, after the success of many startups and social enterprises, we have come to the realisation that ‘Yes, there is a way around’ and ‘Yes, we don’t have to take a longer, time-consuming and costlier route to get something’. All thanks to some young and creative minds who took a real effort in solving these problems for the whole lot of us.

As Steve Jobs rightly quoted,“I want to put a ding in the universe”, these amazing young talents have risen above hate and pessimism to stamp their mark of authority in a winner takes all, loser keeps nothing entrepreneurial world.

1. Ritesh Agarwal (OYO Rooms)

Ritesh Agarwal

From a college dropout to leading a multi-million dollar company, Ritesh Agarwal had to overcome a lot of challenges before founding OYO Rooms. The 22-year-old entrepreneur from Odisha was preparing for IIT entrance exams when the decision to start a budget hotel chain popped up. Ritesh waited for weekends to travel to Delhi and stay at budget hotels and accommodations. He did this for 6 months to gain a complete understanding of budget hotels and what customers expected from it. Then came the launch of Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd. which he later renamed as OYO Rooms.

OYO Rooms

2. Azhar Iqubal (inshorts)

Azhar Iqubal inshorts

For those of us who love to know all that is happening around the world but are short on time and patience, here’s a brilliant app – inshorts. You might have it installed on your phone already. But if you haven’t, then better do now!

Each news is simply put in 60 words or less. You don’t get to hear the blah blahs and unwanted additions, just news! The brain behind this extremely useful app is actually a kid and that too a dropout. Azhar Iqubal (24) dropped out of IIT-Delhi in his 4th semester to start ‘News in Shorts’ which is now known as ‘inshorts’. The app has over 2 million downloads and is the highest rated news app in Google Play Store.


3. Varun Banka (SocialCops)

Varun Banka SocialCops

Varun Banka believes in making the world a better place through proper leverage of technology and data. This has led the 23-year-old to start SocialCops, a data-driven company that collects, accesses and visualises data for quicker and more efficient problem solving.

Varun had his first entrepreneurial stint at the age of 5 when he sold sarees for his mother. He won a full scholarship to study at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore where his love for hackathons led to starting up SocialCops with Prukalpa Sankar and Harjoben Singh.


4. Akash Gupta (Grey Orange)

Akash Gupta Grey Orange

Grey Orange, the brainchild of Akash Gupta (24) and Samay Kohli (28) design, manufacturers and deploys advanced robotics systems for warehouse and fulfilment centers. The Co-founder and CTO of the company, Akash Gupta had a very unique journey that led to founding Grey Orange. He was a mechanical engineer with a passion for solving electrical, embedded and computer science problems. Since there was no particular field he was fitting in, Akash combined his skills to form the robotics systems company.

Over 180,000 sq ft of warehouse are covered by Grey Orange and the company has captured 90% of the market share. Grey Orange serves fulfilment centers of major companies like Flipkart, Jabong, Mahindra and GoJavas.

Grey Orange

5. Ankit Oberoi (AdPushup)

Ankit Oberoi AdPushup

The Co-founder of AdPushup, an ad layout optimization platform dropped out of college in the first semester to pursue his dreams. According to Ankit Oberoi, Internet is a much better teacher when compared to lecturers. He felt that college was a waste of time and delved straight into the entrepreneurial pursuit with Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which focuses on Internet Security training.

After a successful stint at Innobuzz, Ankit joined hands with Atul Agarwal to launch AdPushup. The SaaS company is on a mission to help web publishers increase their ad revenues by A/B testing their ads and optimizing the website ad layout.


While we are familiar with the “It’s never too late to start something new” saying, these young entrepreneurs have shown that it is never ‘too early’ to start something new as well.

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