Rejuvenate Your Inner Being at Spreewald Biosphere Reserve!

Spreewals Biosphere Reserve

Spreewald is a biosphere reserve or a biodiversity park located in Brandenburg, Germany – 100km south-east of Berlin. It consists of an area of 47,500 hectares of cultivated and uncultivated land. It has an exquisite landscape, perfect as a vacation destination to relax away from the noises of a buzzling city atmosphere.

Recognised by UNESCO in 1991, this reserve is the protected habitat of over 5000 species of animals and plants, including several unique and indigenous species. Owing to the genetic diversity of the ecosystem, the Spreewald region was marked off as a biosphere reserve, in order to protect the exotic flora and fauna found in the region.

The most unique feature of the biosphere reserve is its delicate network of streams, of which the tributaries are said to have been formed during the last Ice Age! The effective length of the network put together is 1500 km.

The biosphere reserve has three visitor centres at Lübbenau, Schlepzig and Burg. These visitor centres hold multitude of information in the form of exhibits, videos and other multimedia presentations. Each visitor centre focuses on a different aspect regarding the reserve as well as biodiversity.

  • Lübbenau holds exhibits on House for Man & Nature, and the river landscape unique to the Spreewald.
  • At Alte Mühle (in Schlepzig) one can see various species that belong to Spreewald’s streams, from large fishes on the river bed to the tiny water fleas on the surface.
  • At Schlossberghof Centre (in Burg) one can learn about cultivated plants crops, and the agriculture during olden times.

Spreewald is home to rare animal species like fire-bellied toads, sea eagles, green hawkers and otters. It also houses rare species of plants like sundew, wild rosemary, cranberries and cotton grass in its groves and wetlands. Other than flora and fauna, the Spreewald reserve is also home to two indigenous tribes. In short, the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve is a must visit if you have always been a lover of nature and its wonders.

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