Bob Marley lived his life for Rastafari and Reggae. He preached love, challenged stereotypes and braved political backlash. It’s been 36 years since he left us, and Bob Marley’s legacy still lives on. He still lingers through his lyrics verses, concerts and many, many quotes. On his 72nd birthday, we honor his legacy through some of his most profound words. Here are 15 things the legend taught us.

That You Need To Take A Good Look At Your Life

class of 2019 (1)

That You Should Never Compromise On Your Beliefsclass of 2019 (2)

That Love Can Rid You Of All Your Demons

class of 2019 (3)

That Music Heals You In Its Own Way

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That Everything Will Work Out In the End

class of 2019 (6)

That Judgement Is A Two Way Street

class of 2019 (7)

That Peace Is The Only Religion

class of 2019 (9)

That The Right Kind Of Indulgence Takes You Far

class of 2019 (11)

That The Joy Of Giving Is The Best There Is

class of 2019 (10)

That You Must Be Free, Atleast In Your Head

class of 2019 (12)

That You Need To Treat Her Right

class of 2019 (13)

That Love Transcends Outer Beauty

class of 2019

Your words live in our hearts forever Bob Marley, we hope today you look down and see all the difference you’ve made in countless lives.


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