Today, India celebrates it’s 67th Republic Day which by far is one of the grandest displays of culture, artillery, armour and defense to let the world know  that India is surely a force to reckon with. While most of us sit at home to witness the Republic Day Parade, not every one knows the hard work and grit that goes into making this day such a momentous success.

Read on to find out what goes on to make the Republic Day so spectacular:


1. Republic Day preparations begin in July when participants are notified officially. Up until August, they prepare and rehearse their drills in their respective regiments and arrive in Delhi in December where they continue rehearsing. We get to watch the parade just once, but the participants have rehearsed for almost 600 hours until it is ingrained in their memory.


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2. It’s not just the humans who practice for hours. After 26 years, the country will salute its unspoken heroes and there will be a dog contingent too consisting of 24 Labradors and 12 German Shepard canines of the Remount and Veterinary Corps who too have been practicing for their bit since the past 4 months. They’ve been rehearsing three times a day and it’ll surely be a delight to watch them put up a pawsome display!


3. Security is always an undeniable factor at the Parade which is why there are close to 35,000 security personnel who are posted in and around the venue. Raisina Hill too is vacated a day before the parade. Sniffer dogs do regular rounds and security offers keep a tight eye wearing civilian clothes. Everything is organised proficiently and strategically.


4. While most of us choose our sleep over watching the Parade especially the working individuals who get to enjoy a rare off day, the participants are already at Rajpath at 2 AM in the morning.


5. For the bigger weaponry and armoury including tanks, there is a special camp set up at India Gate and each weapon equipment has to undergo a good ten stages of checks which includes them being regularly painted too for the final Parade.

412584-republic-day6. We all talk about meetings at work and try maintaining the minutes of meetings which seems like a big deal. But when you’re dealing with something as monumental as the Parade, every thing is sketched and penned down to the last second. There is not a second’s delay as this can have dire whiplash effects on the entire Parade.


7. Every soldier and participant with weapons goes through four security checkpoints to make sure no weapon is carrying a live round at Rajpath. The security during the Parade is surely immaculate.


8. One of the favourite moments for everyone is surely the flypast where 41 planes of the Western Air Command thrill us with their spectacular display of bravado. However, there is real time weather monitoring going on to make sure weather conditions are safe for the planes to fly.


9. The cultural tableaus too have been trained and timed to move at 5 kmph to make sure the dignitaries and onlookers can have a good look at them. The Army soldier marching next to them stays on point and marches to the beat which in turn guides the driver of the tableau. Everything is surely timed to clockwork precision.


10. One is always fascinated by the 21 rounds of fire at the commencement of the Parade however, these are not 21 guns. It’s infact the sound is produced by the ’25 Pounders’ which were built in 1941 for ceremonial purposes. The firing of the gun starts exactly with the first note of the National Anthem and finishes precisely 52 seconds later with the last note. This truly is an amazing display of chivalry.

These behind the scene preparation facts surely highlight just how toiling and laborious the Parade truly is but the applause and success the participants receive at the end of the day is surely worth it. CashKaro wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day!

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