Rising Awareness About Flu: Bengaluru People Opting For Flu Shots | CashKaro News Network

Owing to the rising awareness about the chronic effects of the flu and other infectious diseases, the number of people opting for flu shots in Bengaluru has drastically gone up over the last five years. While the flu shots are recommended only to those people who have a higher risk of catching the infection, experts suggest that these shots can be given annually to all those who are above eight months of age. A protection against flu viruses like H1N1, H3N2 (Influenza A) and Influenza B, flu shots are recommended by many doctors. Dr. Manohar KN, a physician and consultant – Internal Medicines, Manipal Hospitals says – “The vaccines need to be taken every year as the flu virus rapidly changes. He further adds that “the World Health Organisation recommends that seasonal influenza vaccine be given prior to the beginning of the primary period of increased influenza activity.”

Source: New Indian Express


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