Rocking the Party Looks in these Lipstick Shades

Rocking the Party Looks in these Lipstick Shades

One of the most basic makeup products is lipstick. It’s been in use for many centuries, the earliest pigments being derived from crushed by fruits or insects called Carmine. Lipstick is easy to apply and adds a lot to your look. It can be used by almost anyone and you require no real skill to apply it.

Over the years, lipsticks have evolved steadily into what they are now. You can get lipstick almost in any shop and find many shades to fill your satisfaction. Some shades are more suited than others for particular occasions. Here are some of the best shades to rock for an epic New Year’s eve party.

Sephora Collections – Rouge Satin Lip Stick – Wedding Night

A deep plumy-maroon shade, this lipstick will give its wearer a highly sophisticated look. Paired with a shiny silver dress, this lipstick will have you being the centre of attention. This creamy formula has high staying power, meaning fewer reapplications. Get it now with NNNOW coupons.

Estee Lauder – Pure Color Desire Rouge Excess Lip Stick – Don’t Stop

Red is a well-known party colour. One of the properties of this colour is that it immediately increases your confidence and makes you stand apart. It is a good combination to lots of other shades, meaning you can wear it with almost any other dress. Buy this versatile product now with NNNOW discount code.

TOM FORD – Boys And Girls Lip Colour – Isla

Shimmery is the way to go for a party setting. This is a shimmy and semi-nude colour that is meant to be downplayed. Wear it with a loud dress and you’re all set. The subtle glow will give you all that you’re looking for. Buy it now with NNNOW offers.

MAKE UP FOR EVER – Artist Rouge Light Lip Stick – Soft Pink

Another subtle shade, this is a soft, berryish pink that will give you a ‘little girl’ look. Wear it along with an LBD and no one will be able to take their eyes away. This hydrating lipstick will stay all night long. Buy it now with NNNOW coupons code.

HUDA BEAUTY – Power Bullet Matte Lip Stick – Purple

If you want to make a statement, this is the way to go. Huda Beauty’s Matte purple lipstick is the best choice for your new year’s look. Wear it and people are instantly are mesmerised by you. Order it with NNNOW coupons for cool cashback.

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