Rooh Afza: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price

Rooh Afza has been around for ages as the perfect summer drink. The sweet, refreshing taste of the ruby red drink is very popular. But did you know that there are a lot of health benefits of Rooh Afza? The literal meaning of Rooh Afza is ‘elixir for the soul’ and it has been used in medicine for a long time. It contains a number of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It can be enjoyed by mixing it with water or milk. There are no side effects of Rooh Afza as such.

Health Benefits of Rooh Afza

Relieves Dehydration

Rooh Afza contains essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, Sulphur and calcium which protect the body from dehydration. This chilling drink helps in maintaining water balance in the body.

Improves Hemoglobin

Rooh Afza is not just a refreshing drink that gives you a sweet taste but also helps to increase the haemoglobin content in blood.

Reduces Fever

Rooh Afza is a cool refreshing drink that is useful in lowering down body heat. Consumption of Rooh Afza can help in controlling body heat.

Prevents Indigestion

If you are suffering from the problems of indigestion, then you must consume Rooh Afza as it helps to combat problems like giddiness, kidney numbness and stomach cramps.

Maintains Cardio Vascular Health

Rooh Afza is said to have great effects on cardiovascular health. It helps in increasing cardiac efficiency, smoothen cardiac blood supply and maintains heart rhythm.

Prevents Nausea & Diarrhea

If you are feeling nauseous or suffering from diarrhoea then you must consume Rooh Afza to prevent such conditions.

Uses Of Rooh Afza


Rooh Afza acts as an antacid that helps to relieve problems like indigestion.

Natural Coolant

Rooh Afza is a natural coolant that is consumed by people in summers. It contains cooling substances like watermelon, coriander, and other important colling herbs.


It has shown positive results in the improvement of blood content by increasing the levels of haemoglobin.

How To Use Rooh Afza?

Lemon & Rooh Afza

  • Take a glass of cold water and add 2 teaspoons of Rooh Afza.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of sabja seeds to the drink.
  • Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it in the drink.
  • Mix well and consume the refreshing drink.

Rooh Afza & Milk

  • Take one glass of cold milk.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of Rooh Afza to the drink.
  • Mix well and consume it.

Rooh Afza Pops

  • Mix Rooh Afza in water.
  • Pour some water into an ice tray.
  • Freeze the ice tray.
  • Consume the Rooh Afza pops after some time.

Rooh Afza on Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Take one scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl.
  • Pour some Rooh Afza over the vanilla ice cream.
  • Consume the refreshing sweet delight.

Can Rooh Afza be consumed before or after meals?

You can consume Rooh Afza with water before or after meals whenever suits you.

Can Rooh Afza be taken on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can consume Rooh Afza on an empty stomach.

Can Rooh Afza be consumed with water?

Yes, Rooh Afza can be consumed with water.

Note: Rooh Afza has chemical sweeteners, so if you are suffering from Diabetes then avoid its consumption.

Dosage of Rooh Afza

  • 2 Glasses a day mixed in milk or water

Side Effects of Rooh Afza

Since it is a sweet beverage, people with high blood sugar should speak to their physicians before consuming it. Otherwise, it is a natural drink with no reported side effects. Stop consuming if you develop an allergy.

Harmful Interactions

No harmful interactions have been reported as such.

Precautions and Warnings of Rooh Afza

Can Rooh Afza be consumed before driving?

Yes, Rooh Afza can be consumed before driving.

Can Rooh Afza be consumed with alcohol?

Rooh Afza can be consumed with alcohol. However, you must consult a health practitioner before consuming the same.

Can Rooh Afza be addictive?

Rooh Afza is not addictive.

Can Rooh Afza make you drowsy?

Rooh Afza does not contain any sedating ingredients. Thus, it will not make you drowsy upon consumption.

Can you overdose on Rooh Afza?

There are no reported side-effects of Rooh Afza if you are overconsuming it except for it may induce symptoms of Diarrhea and stomach bloating. However, it contains sugar which can be harmful to Diabetic patients and for people who are trying to lose weight.

16 Important Questions About Rooh Afza Answered 

Is Rooh Afza a healthy drink?

Roof Afza is made up of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and roots that make it a healthy drink and also a primary ingredient for many mocktail recipes.

What ingredient gives Rooh Afza its characteristic odour?

The primary ingredients of Rooh Afza, namely flowers and fruits give the drink its characteristic odour.

Is Rooh Afza gluten free?

Rooh Afza is made up of 100% natural and herbal ingredients which makes it gluten free.

Does Rooh Afza contain salt?

No, Rooh Afza does not contain salt but you can add salt while making lemon juice or mocktails using Rooh Afza.

Is it harmful to drink Rooh Afza with water and lemon?

No, it is not harmful to drink Rooh Afza with water with lemon. You can add Rooh Afza to water and lemon to make a healthy and refreshing drink during summers.

What are the ingredients of Rooh Afza?

Herbs: European white lily, lotus, purslane/tukhm-e-khurfa, Blue star water, chicory, borage and coriander.

Vegetables: Carrot, Mint, Spinach and Luffa aegyptiaca.

Fruits: Watermelon, citron, strawberry, pineapple, apple, berries, orange, raspberry, loganberry, blackcurrant, cherry, and concord grapes.

Flowers: Lemon, Orange, Rose and Keora.

Roots: The only root is being used in it is khus.

What are the health benefits of Rooh Afza?

Apart from being a very good cooling agent in this raging summer, it is good for health as well. It is made of so many natural and healthy things that all it does is good. It helps to reduce body temperature and prevents indigestion.

Is Rooh Afza toxic?

No, the ingredients of Rooh Afza are completely safe for consumption as they are all natural.

What are the uses of Rooh Afza?

Apart from being consumed in a regular way by mixing it with water, it can be used for making shakes, by adding it to milk. Or even freeze it in water to make a Popsicle.

What is Rooh Afza made of?

Rooh Afza is made from herbs, fruits, flowers, roots, mint, carrot, spinach, lemon, rose, orange and more.

What are Rooh Afza’s storage requirements?

It is recommended to store Rooh Afza at a cool and dry place.

Does Rooh Afza have any effect on breastfeeding?

It is possibly safe to consume Rooh Afza by breastfeeding women.

Is Rooh Afza safe for kids?

Rooh Afza is absolutely safe to be consumed by kids.

Does Rooh Afza have any effect on pregnancy?

Rooh Afza is safe to be consumed by pregnant women.

Does Rooh Afza contain sugar?

Rooh Afza contains sugar.  It contains 40-grams sugar per serving.

Is Rooh Afza a healthy drink?

Rooh Afza is a healthy drink when consumed in moderation.

Buyers Guide – Price and Where to Buy Rooh Afza

Hamdard Rooh Afza (750 ml)

Hamdard Rooh Afza



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