About Saptahik Bartaman Magazine

Saptahik Bartaman is an advertising magazine that gives information about various products in the market. Barun Sengupta, founded ‘Bartaman’ in December 1984. Initially, Bartaman was only a newspaper but now it also publishes ‘Saptahik Bartaman’. Apart from advertising, it also writes cover stories, fashion and beauty tips, career guides and much more.

Saptahik Bartaman was Founded In: April 2002
Saptahik Bartaman is Owned by: Bartaman Magazines Private Limited
Saptahik Bartaman’s Publisher: Bartaman Press (Kolkata)
Saptahik Bartaman is Issued: Weekly
Saptahik Bartaman Available in Languages : Bengali
Saptahik Bartaman has a Readership of: 4,65, 000
Saptahik Bartaman has a Circulation of: 1,48, 378
Saptahik Bartaman’s Annual Subscription: ₹525
Saptahik Bartaman’s CashKaro Price: ₹194.52 (annual)

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Saptahik Bartaman Price (Annual) – Rs. 525

Buying Saptahik Bartaman Magazines

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Topics Saptahik Bartman Magazine Covers

Saptahik Bartaman is an advertising magazine where various brands attempt to reach to their target audience. You get information about products as well as the latest news from different industries. Here are the topics that Saptahik Bartaman covers:

  • Fashion and beauty tips
  • Health tips
  • Career guide
  • Campus news
  • Serial novel
  • Entertainment news
  • Interviews
  • Baby’s corner (baby care tips)
  • Sports News
  • Special articles (on special occasions like festival, event, etc.)

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