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Can you imagine eating fires or momos without the appropriate sauces? You’ve got to have that ketchup for your fries and some schezwan sauce for momos. Nachos without salsa? That’s absurd right. Well, you don’t even have to think about such circumstances anymore, because, with Big Basket, you can make sure your pantry is stocked.

Get all your favourite sauces delivered right to your doorstep by ordering through Big Basket. Here are some of the sauces you’ve got to keep on hand.

MAGGI Tomato Chilli Sauce – Hot & Sweet

The evergreen classic with a twist. This ketchup has the tang that all do, but with the added flavours of sweet and spicy which is just right for an Indian’s palette. Try it once and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. Buy your bottle now using Big Basket coupons from CashKaro. My guess is this is definitely a reorder.

FunFoods Spread – Garlic Chilli

No one ever objected to the taste of garlic in their sauces. This dip, made with tangy tomatoes, spicy chillies and flavourful garlic is the perfect combination for your tastebuds. Pair it with anything and the sauce will take the dish up a couple of notches. Get it now with Big Basket offers and save!

Kissan Sauce – Schezwan

This Indo-Chinese staple goes good with anything. Schezwan sandwich? Go for it. Add it to rice and it’s perfect. Don’t you see why this is a necessary part of anybody’s kitchen? Make your cooking job easy with this versatile sauce. Use our Big Basket coupon codes and get your pack now.

Cremica Sauce – Chipotle

Imagine a sub without the Chipotle sauce. Not any good, right? This sauce can be added to sandwiches, pasta or even used as a marinade for your chicken and it is delicious. A bit of spice in a lot of flavours, this sauce is surely a crowd-pleaser. Buy yours now with Big Basket coupons.

Chings Green Chilly Sauce

Nothing beats the classic Green Chilly Sauce. Imagine your next samosa without this – you can’t even do it right? I really don’t have to explain how delicious and extremely necessary this sauce is, you probably already know. Buy it now with Big Basket promo code and make your life a bit easier.

There are a lot more Big Basket offers waiting for you at CashKaro. Head to our site now to check it out and increase your savings.

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