Save More Than 4.6 Lakh On Buying Medicines For Multiple Sclerosis

A chronic condition, Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the nervous system. While this condition can’t be cured, proper treatment with medication is the only way to manage it, no matter how expensive.

Ranging from anywhere between Rs.300 to Rs.25000, the medicines for this treatment cost a lot. But we’re here to help you curb this situation. You can buy the same medicines at a very low cost by sourcing these online on 1mg via CashKaro. Save up to Rs.469287.8/year.

So, let’s discuss how you can save more than 4.6 lakh on buying Multiple Sclerosis medicines online via CashKaro:

  • Tecfidera Capsule (120 mg) is available online at an MRP of Rs. 22500 on 1MG.
  • However, if you purchase the medicine from 1MG via CashKaro, then you can avail an additional flat 25% off along with an additional 15% Amazon Pay Cash.
  • After availing this 40% discount, you can buy the same medicine at Rs.13500.
  • Hence, you save Rs.9000 on a strip of 14 tablets.
  • Accordingly, your saving per day would come out as Rs.642.86 per tablet.
  • Since this tablet is taken twice daily, your yearly saving would be around Rs.4,69,287.8 (642.86*2*365)
Medicine Retailer Dosage Offline Price Online Price Saving Yearly Saving
Tecfidera 120 mg Capsule (14 capsules in one strip) 1mg

(up to 40%)

120 mg twice a day orally Rs.22500 Rs.13500 Rs.9000 Rs.469287.8
Tecfidera 240mg (14 capsules in one strip) Medlife (up to 80%) 120 mg twice a day orally Rs.15557.14 Rs.3111.43 Rs.12445.71 Rs.324477.7
Glataxone 20 mg Injection (1ml in 1 vial) Netmeds (up to 30%) 20 mg per mL: administer once per day Rs.1003.30 Rs.702.31 Rs.300.99 Rs.109861.35
Glatrus 20 mg Injection (1ml in 1 vial) 1mg (up to 40%) 20 mg per mL: administer once per day Rs.387 Rs.232.2 Rs.154.8 Rs.56502
DALSTEP 10mg Tablet (10 tablets/strip) Netmeds (up to 30%)  10 mg twice daily Rs.380 Rs.266 Rs.144 Rs.8322


  • Average offline price: Rs.7965.49
  • Lowest online price: Rs.232.2
  • Total saving if taken daily for a year: 469287.8 approx.

Remember: If you shop via 1mg through, then you can enjoy 15% Amazon Pay Cash.

How To Get This Great Deal?

Step 1: Visit the 1MG Store Page Via CashKaro

Search for 1MG Store Page on the Search Bar on CashKaro Homepage. Or use the button below to directly access the store page.

Visit CashKaro’s 1 MG Page

Visit The 1mg Store Page Via CashKaro


Step 2: Select the ‘See Coupons With Cashback’ Tab

You will then be able to view all the relevant coupon codes.

See Coupons With Cashback


Step 3: Select the ‘Visit Retailer’ Tab

Copy the coupon code and click on the ‘Visit Retailer’ button. You will soon be redirected to the retailer’s website.

Visit Retailer


Step 4: Order Normally On 1MG

Search for your medicines and add them to your cart. Apply the coupon code while placing your order.



Step 5: Cashback Will Be Added In Your CashKaro Account

The cashback will soon reflect in your CashKaro account within 72 hours after confirmation of the payment. You can then transfer this amount to your bank account or redeem it as Flipkart/Amazon Gift Voucher once it reaches a minimum limit of Rs.250.

Buying these medicines was never possible at such a low cost. Click the button below and grab the deal now!

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