Rheumatoid Arthritis is a serious medical disorder that affects joints and leads to painful swelling on areas such as hands and feet. Since it is extremely expensive to treat this chronic disorder, it is highly advisable to watch out for deals and discounts for saving on the medical bills.

Various renowned online health care stores such as Medlife, Netmeds, and 1MG allow users to avail amazing discounts on medicine shopping while offering a superb delivery service. Additionally, you can even earn money while shopping for these via CashKaro in the form of exciting cashback and rewards.

Let’s look at how you can save huge on buying medicines for Rheumatoid Arthritis online:

  • Orencia 250 mg Powder for infusion is available at an MRP of Rs. 30000 on 1MG.
  • However, if you purchase the powder from 1MG via CashKaro, then you can avail up to 25% off, along with an additional 15% Amazon Pay Cash.
  • After availing this 40% discount, you can buy the same powder at Rs. 18000.
  • Hence, you will be able to save up to Rs. 12000 on the purchase of this powder.

Since you must take 500 mg of the powder, your yearly saving comes around Rs. 288000.

MedicineRetailerDosageOffline PriceOnline PriceSavingYearly Saving
Orencia 250 mg Powder for infusion1MG   (up to 40%)Weight < 60 kg should receive 500 mg dose should be given at 2 and 4 weeks after the first infusion and every 4 weeks thereafterRs. 30000Rs. 18000Rs. 12000Rs. 288000
Zerodol -CR Tablet 200 mg (strip of 10 tablets)1MG (up to 40%)100 mg tablet twice dailyRs. 64.5Rs. 38.7Rs. 25.8Rs. 9429.9
Acemiz 100mg Tablet (strip of 10 tablets)Netmeds (up to 30%)100 mg tablet twice dailyRs. 55.50Rs. 38.85Rs. 16.65Rs. 1215.45
Mabura 40mg Injection 1mlNetmeds (up to 30%)20 mg every two weeksRs. 25000Rs. 17500Rs. 7500Rs. 90000
Plamumab 40 mg Injection1MG   (up to 40%)20 mg every two weeksRs. 16071.4Rs. 9642.84Rs. 6428.56Rs. 77142.72
Olumiant 4 mg Tablet (strip of 10 tablets)1MG   (up to 40%)2 mg once a dayRs. 21144Rs. 12686.4Rs. 8457.6Rs. 150122.4
  • Average offline price: Rs. 15389.2
  • Lowest online price: Rs. 38.7
  • Total yearly saving: Rs. 615910.47 approx.

Remember: You will shop at Netmeds, but by going through CashKaro.com you can enjoy up to 30% cashback.

How To Get This Great Deal?

Step 1: Visit 1MG Store Via CashKaro

Search for the 1MG store on CashKaro. Alternatively, you can select the button given below to directly visit the store page.

Visit CashKaro's 1MG Page

Step 2: Select The ‘See Coupons’ Tab

Select The ‘See Coupons’ Button

Step 3: Select The ‘Visit Retailer’ Tab

Copy the coupon code and click on the orange ‘Visit Retailer’ button. You will be redirected to the retailer’s website.

Select The ‘Visit Retailer’ Button

Step 4: Order Normally On 1MG

Search for your required medicines and add them to your cart. Apply the coupon code during checkout.

Medicine shopping had never been so easy! Order medicines from 1MG via CashKaro in a single click and enjoy the convenience of delivery at your doorstep.

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