Bras are a girl’s best friend as well as her worst enemy. They provide support, coverage and accentuation, but at the same time, they’re super uncomfortable and even painful at times. Most girls can’t wait to go home after a long day and take off their bra. But the ‘bra solutions’ collection that Zivame offers contains bra accessories that will make you fall in love with bras. After all ladies, bras were invented for your convenience only!

Insert Push Up Cookies

Zivame’s insert push up cookies are the perfect accessory for women who have a small bust but wish they had a bigger one. These insertable bra cookies are foam pads that you can insert into the cups of a bra to get a ‘push up’ bra effect. You can now turn any bra into a push up bra with this accessory.

Nipple Concealers

Nipple concealers are an excellent solution to avoid any mishaps, especially during winters when there are chances of your nipples hardening due to the cold and pointing out through your top even when you’re wearing a bra. Just stick them on to your breasts under your bra and voilà, have no wardrobe malfunctions! Use Zivame coupons and get cashbacks on the purchase of nipple concealers.

Breast Lift Tape

Aren’t there times that you wished you could just go braless for a day? Well, with Zivame’s breast lift tape, you can now be fearless to go braless in sexy low back dresses, halter tops and more! Believe us when we say that it is indeed a true saviour.

Bra Strap Extenders

With Zivame’s bra strap extenders, you can now happily convert simple bras into ones which have a low back, a racer back and more, according to your need. You can now get a pack of assorted bra strap extenders at a low price using Zivame discount codes.

Disposable Breast Pads

Sweating under the breasts is a problem that most women face, especially during summers. Not only is it irritating, but there are chances that the sweat seeps into the bra and becomes visible through the top too. To solve this problem, Zivame sells disposable breast pads of different brands. These breast pads, which are to be worn under a bra, absorb the sweat under your breasts and keep them dry. Breastfeeding mothers can also use these for absorbing milk from leaky lactating breasts.

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