What is Scurvy?

Scurvy is a disease associated with the degradation of teeth and oral cavity. It is a disorder caused by a severe deficiency of Vitamin C in the body. It can cause the onset of anaemia for painful Limbs and swelling or edema. It can cause changes in the oral cavity also. Scurvy is capable of producing swelling of gums and loss of teeth. It is actually rare nowadays.

How does scurvy affect the body?

Scurvy can cause bleeding sores and ulcerations in the oral cavity. It causes discoloration of teeth. It can also cause the degraded quality of the teeth. Scurvy is a treatable disorder which requires high doses of Vitamin C.

What are the causes of scurvy?

The causes of scurvy can be chalked down to a decrease in the amount of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C in the body.

It used to generally Occur to sailors who did not get enough vegetables to eat and therefore there was a deficiency in ascorbic acid in the body.

What are the risk factors of scurvy?

A poor diet devoid of Vitamin C can cause Scurvy. It can result from anorexia also and other mental health problems. Sometimes, Scurvy may be caused due to older age only.

Excessive alcohol intake and also pose risk factors for scurvy.

What are the symptoms of scurvy?

The symptoms of scurvy include tissue breakdown due to the absence of enough collagen.

Other symptoms include decreased synthesis of dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine and carnitin.

Other common symptoms include appetite loss of weight loss, lack of energy and lethargy, irritation. Later symptoms may include anaemia, myalgia, edema, petechiae, gum disease , teeth loss, delayed healing of wounds, depression and breathing problems.

What are the diagnosis methods?

The following are the diagnosis methods for the detection of scurvy. Physical examination is required by a dentist or a practicing doctor. The examination of oral cavity is done. Dr will check the vitamin C levels in the blood.

What are the methods for prevention and control?

The following are the methods for prevention and control of scurvy. It is suggested to increase the consumption of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is generally provided in supplement form. The dosage of the supplement should be 40 mg for 6 months.

Older patients may require 50 mg of Vitamin C for 7 to 12 months.

Patients with age from 1 to 3 years may be given 50 mg of Vitamin C. Patients with 4 to 8 years of age may be given 25 mg of Vitamin C. Patients ranging from 9 to 13 years old should be given 45 MG. Patients with 14 to 18 years of age should be given 75 mg(men) or 65 MG for women.

If the patient’s age is more than 19 years, he or she should be given about 90mg.

What are the treatment options?

These are the treatment options for Scurvy. Vitamin C supplements can be given by injection for patients with severe Scurvy. The dose it should be 1 to 2  MG per day for 2 to 3 days. After that, the dosage is 500 mg for 7 days. Then 100 MG for 1 to 3 months should be given depending on the severity of the disease.

A lot of the treatment can be done if the patient is following a healthy diet which includes oranges and citrus fruit. Vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables should also be taken.

What are the lifestyle tips recommended?

These are the lifestyle tips recommended for patients with Scurvy. Increasing intake of fruits, vegetables. Therefore it will also increase the amount of Vitamin C in the body. Citrus fruits are actually rich in vitamin C or ascorbic acid. A diet change is required and following Healthy lifestyle is recommended. Avoid smoking if you can.

What are the recommended exercises?

The recommended exercise for Scurvy do not follow any particular regime. Follow the daily workout routine and maintain an active routine. therefore Scurvy will be treated if dietary changes are also made.

What are the interactions with diseases and pregnancy?

Scurvy during pregnancy can indicate Vitamin C deficiency in pregnant ladies. Vitamin C deficiency in expecting mothers can be fatal. It can cause brain damage of the foetus. Therefore take Vitamin C supplement regularly and consult with your doctor about the amount you need to take.

Scurvy can also interact with other diseases of the oral cavity like pyorrhea and bleeding gums.

What are the common complications of scurvy?

The common complications of scurvy are given down as below. It can cause severe jaundice, pain, and swelling, anaemia, and fever. Scurvy can also cause poor oral hygiene and internal hemorrhaging.


Q. What is scurvy and what does it look like?

Scurvy is the name for a vitamin C deficiency. It can lead to anemia, debility, exhaustion, spontaneous bleeding, pain in the limbs, and especially the legs, swelling in some parts of the body, and sometimes ulceration of the gums and loss of teeth.

Q. Can scurvy kill you?

As scurvy worsens there can be poor wound healing, personality changes, and finally death from infection or bleeding. Typically, scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C in the diet. In most of the cases, it is not fatal.

Q. What nutrient deficiency causes scurvy?

Scurvy is a condition characterized by general weakness, anaemia, gingivitis (gum disease), and skin hemorrhages caused by a prolonged deficiency of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in the diet. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen, a major component of connective tissue.

Q. Does scurvy still exist?

Most people think of scurvy as a disease of the past, when sailors had to spend months at sea without access to fresh fruit and vegetables. While scurvy may be uncommon in modern society, it does still exist. Anyone whose diet is inadequate in vitamin C is at risk.

Q. How did Captain Cook prevent scurvy on his ships?

Sailing ships loaded up on citrus to stave off scurvy among their sailors. Captain Cook is credited with solving the problem of scurvy on his ships by issuing vitamin C in the form of lemon juice and fresh fruit and vegetables.

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