Seacod Capsule: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price, Composition & 20 FAQs


Seacod Capsule: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price, Composition & 20 FAQs

1What is Seacod Capsule?

It is a medicine which is used to prevent and treat conditions like High Cholesterol, Heart diseases and dietary supplement. Heartburn and bad breath are the common side effects seen at repetitive doses. It should be totally avoided in patients allergic to its constituents.

Seacod Capsule Composition: Cod liver oil 300mg
Manufactured By: Sanofi India Ltd
Prescription: Not required as it is available as OTC (over the counter drug)
Form: Capsules and Oil.
Price: Rs. 23.22 for 10 capsules.
Expiry/Shelf Life: 36 months from the date of manufacturing
Type of Drug:

2Uses of Seacod Capsule

Seacod Capsule is used to prevent or treat following conditions:

  • Hair fall: Used to treat hair fall and other conditions like graying of hair.
  • Vision: Used to maintain healthy vision.
  • Bone strengthening: Used to maintain healthy bone and teeth by providing vitamin D which helps in calcium level maintenance.
  • High cholesterol levels: Used to treat and manage high cholesterol levels.
  • Mental disorders: Used in the cases of patients with mental disorder.
  • Diabetes: Used in cases of patients with diabetes.
  • CVS diseases: Used to treat patients with cardiovascular diseases.
  • High Blood Pressure: Used to treat patients with high blood pressure.
  • Memory improvement: Used to treat patients with low memory power.
  • Impaired dietary intake: Used in patients with impaired dietary intake to work as a dietary supplement.

3How does Seacod Capsule work?

  • Seacod Capsule contains Cod fish liver oil as its active ingredient.
  • Seacod level provide the required nutrients to the body like Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin D.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to heart patients as they contain good fatty acids like Eicosapentaenioc acid (EPA) and Decosahexanoic acid (DHA).
  • Vitamin A helps in improvement of memory, hair health and vision.
  • Vitamin D helps to provide strength to bone and teeth.
  • Seacod Capsule helps the body by providing the adequate amount of vitamins needed by the body, especially in cases of vitamin deficient conditions.
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4 How to take Seacod Capsule?

  • Seacod Capsule is present in the form of capsules and oil.
  • Seacod Capsule can be taken by mouth with a glass of water preferably after food for better drug absorption.
  • Seacod Capsule should never be chewed or crushed. It should be swallowed as a whole.
  • It is advisable to go through the pack insert properly before consuming the drug to have a better understanding of the drug.

5Common Dosage for Seacod Capsule

  • Seacod Capsule dosage can be decided by the doctor for every individual as per Age, Weight, Mental status, Allergic history and Health status of the patient.
  • Common Adult and children above 12 years of age is 1 capsule 1-2 times a day depending on the condition being treated or as prescribed by the physician.
  • Equally spaced time interval should be maintained between two doses of the drug.
  • Dose alteration and prolonged use should be avoided without proper medical consultation.
  • Pediatrician should be consulted when administering pediatric dose as it is usually not recommended for children.

Q. What happens if I overdose on Seacod Capsule?

Seacod Capsule should be consumed strictly as prescribed by the doctor. Dose alteration and overdose can lead to excess Hypervitaminosis (excess of vitamin A and D) and increased risk of other side effects. In case of any symptoms of overdose, immediate medical help should be taken.

Q. What happens if I miss a dose of Seacod Capsule?

Dose prescribed by the doctor should never be missed and if missed, it should be consumed always as soon as you remember it. But, avoid taking a double dose if it’s already time for the second dose after that as it may lead to overdose of the drug

Q. What happens if I eat expired Seacod Capsule?

Expired Seacod Capsule might not exhibit effects or any undesirable effects. However, one should abstain from consuming expired drug.

Always check the expiry date of the drug before consuming it.

Q. What is the onset time of Seacod Capsule?

  • One may start to feel recovered within first few days of treatment.
  • Although, the time taken by the drug to show its effect may vary with every individual patient.
  • One should consult the doctor in case of no relief from symptoms even after consuming the drug properly

6When to Avoid Seacod Capsule?

Do not Consume Seacod Capsule if:

Allergy: In cases of patient allergic to the drug or its component.

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7Precautions While Taking Seacod Capsule

  • Time interval: Always maintain equally spaced time interval between two doses.

Warnings When Taking Seacod Capsule

  • The doctor should always be notified in cases of allergy to Seacod Capsule.
  • Try to consume the drug after meals for better drug absorption.

8Side-Effects of Seacod Capsule

The side effects associated with Seacod Capsule are:

  • Heartburn (common)
  • Bad Breath (common)
  • Diarrhoea (less common)
  • Abdominal distension (less common)
  • Nausea (common)
  • Vomiting (common)

Are There Any Reported Allergic Reactions to Seacod Capsule?

  • Seacod Capsule is known to cause allergic reaction with symptoms like rashes, breathing difficulty, itching.
  • In case of any such signs, immediate medical help should be taken.

What are the effects of Seacod Capsule on organs?

Seacod Capsule has no adverse effects on any organ as such.

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9Drug Interactions with Seacod Capsule to be Careful About

It is always advisable to be careful of certain drug to drug or drug to food interactions when consuming Seacod Capsule. Always be aware of the food items, other drugs or lab tests while consuming Seacod Capsule. We explore these n details below.

1. Food Interactions with Seacod Capsule

No particular food item to be avoided.

2. Medicines Interactions with Seacod Capsule

All the potential drug interactions might not be listed here. It is always advisable that the patient must inform the physician about of all the drugs/products you use. You must notify the doctor about the herbal products that you are currently consuming. You should never alter the drug regimen without your doctor’s approval.

The common drug interactions have been noticed with the following drugs:

  • Captopril (mild)
  • Enalapril (mild)
  • Amlodipine (mild)
  • Diltiazem (mild)
  • Aspirin (moderate)
  • Clopidogrel (mild)
  • Warfarin (moderate)

3. Effects of Seacod Capsule on Lab Tests

Seacod Capsule does not affect any lab tests as such.

4. Seacod Capsule’s interactions with Pre-existing Conditions/Diseases

Any allergic reaction.

Q. Can I have Seacod Capsule with alcohol?

No, as consuming alcohol with Seacod Capsule may cause side effects. The doctor should always be consulted before taking alcohol with Seacod Capsule.

Q. Any particular food item to be avoided?

No particular food item is to be avoided.

Q. Can I have Seacod Capsule when pregnant?

Yes, Seacod Capsule is safe to be used during pregnancy but the doctor should always be informed if you are pregnant or planning to conceive.

Q. Can I have Seacod Capsule when feeding a baby?

Yes, lactating mothers can consume Seacod Capsule but extra caution is advised. The doctor should always be informed in such cases.

Q. Can I drive after taking Seacod Capsule?

Seacod Capsule does not affect the ability to drive.

10Buyer’s Guide – Seacod Capsule Composition, Variant and Price

Variant Composition Price
Seacod 60ml oil Cod liver Oil 300mg/5ml Rs. 159.41 for 1 pack.
Seacod 110S Bottle Capsule Cod liver Oil 300mg Rs. 265.23 for 1 pack
Seacod 500S Bottle Capsule Cod liver Oil 300mg Rs. 919.62 for 1 pack
Seacod Oil 100ml Liquid Cod liver Oil 300mg/5ml Rs. 131.77 for 1 pack.
Seacod Active 30S Capsule DHA 72mg + EPA 108mg + Marine oils 700mg Rs. 58.05 for 15 capsules
Buy & Get Minimum 20% Discount: 1Mg Offers | Medlife Offers

11Substitutes of Seacod Capsule

The following are alternative drugs for Seacod Capsule:

  • Codli E Capsule: Manufactured by Wizard
  • Eracod Capsule: Manufactured by Eros Pharma
  • Alfacod Capsule: Manufactured by General
  • Seacod 500S Bottle Capsule: Manufactured by Sanofi India Ltd

Storage requirements for Seacod Capsule

  • Store the Seacod Capsule tablet at room temperature away from direct heat or sunlight.
  • Keep it at a place away from children’s reach.

12FAQs – 10 Important Questions Answered about Seacod Capsule

Q. What is Seacod Capsule?

Ans. Seacod Capsule is a multiple component drug that contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin D as its main active ingredient. Seacod Capsule is synthetic form of vitamins that help to replenish the required nutritional demand of the body.

Q. How long does it take for Seacod Capsule to show results?

Ans. The effects of Seacod Capsule can be seen within few days of starting the drug therapy.

Q. Should Seacod Capsule be taken on an empty stomach?

Ans.  Seacod Capsule shows best result when consumed after meal but it can be taken without food also but it should be avoided in cases of stomach problems.

Q. Does Seacod Capsule make you drowsy?

Ans. No, Seacod Capsule does not cause drowsiness but it varies with every individual.

Q. What should be the time gap between the consumption of 2 Seacod Capsule doses?

Ans. Ideal time gap of 6-8 hours should be there between two doses.

Q. Should I complete the whole cycle of the medicine even if cured?

Ans. Seacod Capsule should be consumed as prescribed by the doctor and in case of any severity of symptoms, immediate medical help or consultation should be taken. The doctor should be the one to decide when and how to stop the cycle of Seacod Capsule.

Q. Does Seacod Capsule effect my menstrual cycle?

Ans. No, it generally doesn’t affect the menstrual cycle but one should always consult the doctor in case of pre existing menstrual problems before consuming the drug

Q. Is Seacod Capsule safe for children?

Ans. Seacod Capsule should not be administered in children without proper consultation and recommendation by the Paediatrician should be taken.

Q. Are there any symptoms that I should consider before taking Seacod Capsule?

Ans. Any allergic reactions are to be taken into consideration before taking Seacod Capsule.

Q. Is Seacod Capsule legal in India?

Ans. Yes, it is legal in India.

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Disclaimer – The information provided above is to the best of our research and knowledge. However, you are recommended to consult a physician before consuming the drug.

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