Septilin: Benefits, Uses, Side-Effects, 17 FAQs & More

What is Septilin?

Manufactured by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, Septilin is an Ayurvedic medicine which helps in building the body’s own defense mechanism. Its key ingredients are Tinospora Gulancha (Guduchi), Licorice (Yashtimadhu) and Indian Bdellium (Guggulu). Available in the form of tablets and syrup, this medicine helps in curing sore throat, respiratory tract infections, skin infections, etc. Read on to find out everything about this medicine.

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Benefits of Septilin

Research shows that all the ingredients of Septilin make the body stronger, more resistant to ailments such as cough and cold, and help in rapid recovery. Other health benefits of this medicine are listed below.

Health Benefits of Septilin

Enhances Immunity

This is one of the most important health benefits of Septilin. It increases the production of White Blood Cells that help in fighting diseases. It also increases hemoglobin levels.

Assists in Rapid Recovery

Its antibacterial and antiviral properties help in quick healing of the injuries. Septilin works towards the revival of dead cells, thus speeding up recovery in post-operative conditions.


Reduces Fever

Septilin possesses antipyretic properties that aid in the reduction of body temperature to normal. It also inhibits growth of virus in the body.


Strengthens Respiratory System

Being an expectorant in nature, Septilin helps clear the upper respiratory tract making it beneficial in the treatment of bronchitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and other such respiratory problems. Furthermore, its multiherbal formula fortifies the respiratory tract.


Cures Multiple Infections

Septilin helps in treating respiratory tract infections, eye infections, and urinary tract infections. It increases the formation of antibodies, which in turn support treatment for sore throat, soft tissue infections, kidney infections, ear infections, and the like. It stimulates the elimination of bacteria through ingestion by activation of the WBCs, leading to the combat of infections.


Reduces Inflammation

Septilin is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory in nature. It is very effective against Staphylococcus Aureus and Streptococci – bacteria that are responsible for skin infections such as sores, blisters and boils. It helps in treating them and prevents their recurrence.

Uses of Septilin

Research has shown multiple positive uses of Septilin. They are enlisted below:

Septilin as an Anti-Inflammatory

It has potent anti-inflammatory properties that make it helpful in curing boils, carbuncles, and the like.

Septilin as an Immunity Booster

It’s immunomodulatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties enable it in stimulating general well-being.

Septilin as an Antipyretic 

It works towards reducing body temperature and bringing it back to normalcy.

Septilin for Skin Whitening

It also protects the skin from oxidative damage. It disperses the melanin present in the skin, thus helping in skin whitening.

Septilin for Viral & Bacterial Infections

Its antimicrobial properties help the body in fighting off varied kinds of infections and preventing their recurrence.

How To Use Septilin

Septilin is currently available in the form of syrup and tablets – safe for consumption for both adults as well as children.

Q. Can it be consumed before or after meals?

It is generally consumed after meals. However, please consult your doctor on how to take this medicine.

Q. Can it be taken on an empty stomach?

Generally, Septilin is not taken on an empty stomach. But it is important that you take your doctor’s opinion regarding its consumption.

Q. Should it be consumed with water?

Yes, Septilin can be swallowed with water.

Q. What should be avoided while consuming Septilin?

If you are taking some other medicines at the same time as Septilin, kindly inform your doctor about the same, as the effects of this medicine may change due to this. It may either increase the risk of side-effects or may cause it to not work properly.

Septilin: Dosage

Safe Dosage

Septilin is available in the form of drops, syrup, and tablet. The syrup is not suitable for diabetic people. They may, however, consume the Septilin tablets. Please note that this dosage must not be construed as medical advice. Please consult a medical practitioner before taking it.

Septilin Drops

AgeDosage (take twice daily)
6 months – 1 year3 ml
1-2 years3.5 ml
2-3 years4 ml
3-4 years4.5 ml
4-5 years5 ml

Septilin Syrup

Children1-2 teaspoons – 3 times daily
Adults2 teaspoons – 3 times daily

Septilin Tablets

Children1 tablet twice daily
Adults2 tablets twice daily

Side Effects of Septilin

If taken in a controlled manner, Septilin does not lead to side-effects. However, in some cases, the following may occur from its ingredients.

  • Skin rashes – In some people with hypersensitive skin, it may lead to this side-effect.
  • Gastrointestinal distress – Septilin is an Ayurvedic medicine that may cause gastric or related problems in some people.
  • High blood pressure – Consumption of this medicine may cause an imbalance resulting in high blood pressure.
  • Irregular menstruation – Albeit a rare outcome, Septilin may induce a hormonal imbalance, thereby leading to irregular menstruation.

If you face any of these symptoms upon consuming Septilin, consult your doctor immediately.

Harmful Interaction of Septilin

If consumed alongside any other drug, the effect of Septilin may not be as expected, or it may lead to side-effects. Therefore, kindly inform your medical practitioner about all the medicines, supplements that you are consuming before you begin the intake of Septilin.

Precautions & Warnings of Septilin

Q. Can Septilin be consumed before driving?

Septilin is not known to cause drowsiness. However, if you experience dizziness, hypotension or headache after intaking it, then it may not be safe to drive.

Q. Can it be addictive?

Mostly,  this medicine will not lead to addiction. The medicines that do cause addiction are categorized as ‘controlled substances’ by the Indian government.

Q. Can it be consumed with alcohol?

No, it is advised to not consume this medicine with alcohol, as it intensifies the side-effects such as drowsiness or dizziness.

Q. Can this medicine make you drowsy?

Septilin is not known to have caused drowsiness in people.

Q. Can you overdose on Septilin?

Overdosing on Septilin may increase the risk of side-effects. In case you accidentally overdose on Septilin, please visit the Emergency department of the nearest hospital.

Important Questions Asked About Septilin

Is Septilin good for weight loss?

Septilin is a medicine that boosts immunity and protects your body from infections. Hence, Septilin is not recommended for weight loss.

Can I take Septilin and Amoxicillin together?

Septilin is an ayurvedic medicine and Amoxicillin is an antibiotic. These two medicines can be taken together, Septilin before meals and Amoxicillin after meals. However, you must consult a doctor before combining these two medications.

Is Septilin an antibiotic?

Septilin is not an antibiotic, it is a herbal medicine with Ayurvedic properties.

Should Septilin tablets be chewed or swallowed?

Septilin tablets must be swallowed not chewed.

Is there a permanent alternative to Septilin and Supradyn?

You must consult a heath practitioner or an Ayurvedic expert to know if there is any permanent alternative to Septilin and Supradyn.

What is Septilin made of?

Septilin is made of the following key ingredients – Tinospora Gulancha (Gudunchi), Licorice (Yashtimadhu) and Indian Bdellium (Guggulu).

What are its storage requirements?

Store Septilin at room temperature, away from heat and direct light. Do not freeze medicines unless that is mentioned on the package.

How long do I need to use Septilin till I see improvements in my condition?

The rate of improvement varies from person to person. Some may see results on the same day, while others may have to wait for a month to see any improvement. However, for those who must wait longer for improvements, this in no way means that an increase in dosage is needed. Kindly do not increase the medicine’s intake without speaking with your doctor.

How many times a day do I need to use Septilin?

Do not consume Septilin more than twice in a day. Please follow your doctor’s advice on the same.

Does it have any effect on breastfeeding?

Not all ingredients of Septilin are neutral for breastfeeding mothers. Kindly contact your medical practitioner before consuming it.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes, Septilin is safe for kids. It is mainly administered to them in the form of drops or syrup.

Does it have any effect on pregnancy?

It is not advised to intake Septilin if you’re pregnant, or if you’re planning for pregnancy as some ingredients may be harmful. Please consult your doctor before consuming it in such a case.

Does it contain sugar?

Septilin Syrup contains sugar and is not safe for consumption for Diabetic patients. The tablet, however, can be consumed by them. Before beginning the dosage, please inform your doctor about the other medicines that you are taking and any other conditions that you may be facing.

Does Septilin lead to weight gain?

Septilin is not known to cause weight gain. However, if you face symptoms of such a side-effect, consult your medical practitioner immediately.

Is Septilin good for the cough?

Yes, Septilin works wonders in curing cough. It reduces the volume of sputum, facilitates expectoration and prevents other infections of the respiratory tract.

How does Septilin work?

Septilin increases the antibodies in the human body, thereby increasing its resistance to fight against infections and diseases. It strengthens the body’s natural immune system.

Is Septilin effective for Swine Flu?

No, Septilin is not a cure for Swine Flu. Though it may help in relieving some symptoms of the disease.

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Research on Septilin

As per research conducted by The Himalaya Drug Company, Septilin tablets are very helpful in treating respiratory tract infections. Their ingredients provide immunomodulatory, anti-allergic and antimicrobial properties to them – aiding in strengthening the Respiratory system. Furthermore, Septilin acts as an expectorant and clears out the respiratory tract, curing the infections and preventing their recurrence.

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