Sesame Oil: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Side Effect & More

Benefits of Sesame Oil

What is Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is produced from the sesame seeds. This edible oil is a popular cooking medium in the Southern states of India. The oil is characterised by a peculiar flavour and a nutty scent. Sesame oil is produced more in developing nations, especially in counties in the Asian sub- continent.

Besides having culinary use, sesame oil is widely used in alternative medicine treatments as well as contemporary medicine. The nutrient dense oil is majorly composed of fatty acids with Linoleic acid accounting for a substantial portion.

1Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair

  • Prevents Greying of Hair: Sesame oil has an ability to darken the natural colour of your hair. Regularly massaging the scalp with sesame oil can prevent greying of hair while preserving the natural hair colour
  • Hair Growth: Sesame oil enhances the blood circulation in the scalp and hence promotes hair growth. The oil can easily penetrate and feed the hair shafts and follicles with important nutrients
  • Protection against UV Rays: Sesame oil forms a protective layer around the hair and shields it from harmful UV radiation and pollution
  • Head Lice: Sesame oil is antibacterial. Applying the oil before shampooing proves to be effective in treating bacterial and fungal infections such as lice
  • Coolant: Severe heat can damage the hair follicles. Sesame oil has a cooling effect on the scalp. It nourishes and moisturizes the scalp from within therein offering a soothing experience
  • Dandruff: Sesame oil can help in getting rid of dandruff. Massaging the oil into the scalp at night on a regular basis can reduce dandruff and stop further proliferation
  • Combats Hair Loss & Revitalises Hari: The penetrative properties of sesame oil enable it to go deep inside the scalp and nourish it from within. It can also nullify the ill effects of stress. The oil acts as a coolant and relieves stress therein playing a significant role in arresting stress induced hair fall

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