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Sexual wellness is a crucial aspect of overall wellbeing. However, most people often ignore this important factor and fail to realize its impact. Maintaining sexual wellness and using products for the same ensures that one remains healthy and disease-free. While you can buy sexual wellness products in any physical store, Grofers is the place to head to shop at amazing prices.

Grofers is a very famous Indian online grocery store that has garnered much trust and popularity. Using the exciting Grofers offers, you can buy a wide variety of sexual wellness products from some of the best brands at unbeatable prices.

Here are a few of the top sexual wellness brands on Grofers that you can rely on.


Durex is one of the most trusted and popular sexual wellness brands in the world, owning 30% of the global market. The brand name ‘Durex’ actually stands for durability, reliability and excellence. It offers a wide variety of condoms in different textures and flavours. In fact, Durex offered over 1 lakh free condoms to more than 10,000 athletes who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London. The brand has unmatchable experience of more than 80 decades in producing condoms and other sexual wellness products. Shop for Durex products via the exclusive Grofers offers for the best deals.


KamaSutra is the second-largest sexual wellness brand in India. It is a joint venture between the textile giant Raymond Group and Ansell Limited. It also offers a wide variety of condoms for sexual wellness and protection. Their products are usually made from a natural rubber latex for safety and extra pleasure. You can shop for condoms by Kamasutra at great prices on Grofers. And to earn additional discounts, make sure you use the Grofers promo code while ordering your product.

You can shop for various products from this brand at great prices on Grofers. But, how would you like it if you got to earn extra cashbacks on your orders? That’s right; you can now earn additional cashbacks, thanks to CashKaro. To avail this benefit, all you need to do is use your Grofers promo code to shop for these sexual wellness products via CashKaro. Once your cashback amount exceeds Rs. 250, you can either transfer the entire amount to your bank account or have it converted into a gift card.

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