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Now that you’ve decided to get into boxing and started preparing yourself mentally and physically, the next logical step is to get the perfect set of boxing equipment for the sport. If you have given it a glace to shop before then you know that gloves and all the boxing gear are quite expensive. However, there are lots of brands out there who are comparatively cheaper yet with the utmost quality.

ClubFactory offers a great deal on all the sport products covering everything from boxing gloves to whole kits with punching bags and safety gear. This blog talks about some of the best boxing gear that you’d love to grab your hands on;

RV Unfilled Synthetic Leather Punching Bag with Boxing Gloves,Chain and Hand Wrap Gloves:

The bag is one of the bests in the market and is 36-inch which is the maximum size in black color. It’s a cool 3 set kit with gloves, chains to hang the bag and the 3 feet long boxing bag at the cost of Rs. 1,119. Use ClubFactory coupon codes to get this kit delivered to your doorstep at an amazing discount on the price.

Leosportz Branded & flexible Boxing fitness band:

This is the best quality boxing band that is a must-have for having under your boxing gloves to protect from getting your hands and fingers hurt. Costs about Rs. 300 this is a 35 size black belt that you can order at the comfort at your home at a fascinating discount on the prices by using ClubFactory coupons.

IWIN PU Karate Boxing MMA Thai Kick Pad:

This is another crucial protective equipment for training into boxing. It comes in black color and is only available in 1 standard size fit for all at the cost of Rs. 800. You can avail ClubFactory promo codes while checking out with your purchase and get it delivered to you for free.

These are some of the best, crucial and good quality standard boxing gear that you can get from ClubFactory. If you have decided to join a boxing gym then these are the must-haves. Don’t forget to checkout CashKaro website for great discount offers, deals, and coupon codes to avail on the online shopping sites and get awesome deals.


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