Every other kid faces bullying at school and how many of them share it with their parents? Bullying is very common and it is an issue that requires immediate concern when it comes to the wellbeing of children. Does your child reflect any of the signs mentioned below? If yes, then it is the time to talk to him and show some extra care.

Loss of Appetite


If you have noticed, when children are unhappy with something, the first thing they do is to avoid meals. Consider it as a sign of concern. Ask him why he is avoiding food or skipping lunch at school.

Sleepless Nights


He might be facing issues while preparing for sleep. If you hear screamings in the middle of the night or if he is insisting on not sleeping alone, you must invite him to your bed without asking further questions.

Headaches or Stomach Aches


Frequently falling sick or faking to be sick is a sign you must consider seriously. Give your child some time and begin asking how things are going in school.

Not Going to School


So, your child is not performing well lately? Or is he avoiding school? If either of them takes place, you must contact the school authority and inquire about the issues he might be facing in school.

Unable to Explain Situations


Studies reveal if the child is facing a problem which he is unable to explain, chances are he might wobble or stammer. The parent should calmly hug him and tell everything is going to be fine.

Seeking Revenge from Others


It is a universal fact that children imitate situations occurred to or in front of them. In a case where the child is being bullied at school, he will pick up fights with other kids in order to seek revenge. It’d be in your interest to counsel him without losing cool.

Depression and Anxiety

depression_sign of bullying

In many cases, children isolate themselves from others and start feeling low on self-esteem. If you notice such changes in his personality, you must talk to him or consult a doctor for advice.

Are you paying attention?


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