Sitting figures of Colonel Sanders at KFC Japan | CashKaro News Network


Figures of Colonel Sanders in his iconic white outfit have been standing outside KFC Japan outlets since 1971.This practice spread widely to other Asian countries and now Japan has come up with new figures of the man in sitting versions. This decision was made when several kids asked why he was standing. The sitting version of Colonel Sanders has been brought down to the eye level of children at four outlets. One has already been installed at an outlet in Tokyo Dome City LaQua in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward. One of the others will feature at a restaurant in Misato, another at an outlet in Sendai and the last at a restaurant in Suita. The company is also inviting people to come up with names to describe sitting Sanders and will be accepting submissions until August 15th. These outlets and restaurants will also be providing original goods to the first 150 customers who take photographs with the figure.



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