5 Skills That You Can Pick To Boost Productivity

The coronavirus situation seems as a scientific-thriller movie, but unfortunately what we saw in movies have turned into reality. 

The coronavirus COVID-19 has led to global havoc, disturbing our day to day activities and we all are locked up in our houses. Understanding the positive side of the situation, this is the best time you have been gifted to rediscover yourself and improve your skills. Udemy gives you the opportunity to learn anything you are interested in or any course you want to be skilled at. Udemy is an online platform where you can preach yourself with the best skills at a very minimal cost through Udemy coupons and Udemy free coupons. 

Let’s have a look at the 5 top short courses at Udemy that can improve your skills. 

1. The Complete SQL Bootcamp

Enhance your SQL skills with this course by learning them quickly and effectively. SQL has gained much popularity and is in much demand in tech skills. Learning SQL is a very quick and fastest way to improve your career prospects. The course gives you challenges and tests all through to enhance your understanding. 

2. The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2020

If your ultimatum is to have a bright future in finance and you are in lack of knowledge with the subject, this course gives you an amazing opportunity to excel in accounting, financial statement analysis, business analysis and financial math. You can work comfortably with MS excel and be highly proficient.

3. The Complete Presentation and Public speaking/ Speech Course

A lot of us face the fear of public speaking and lack the presentation skills. Udemy gives you a golden chance to improve your presentation and speaking skills with this course. We help you instil confidence, skills to impress the audience and create incredible content. 

4. Ninja Writing: The four levels of writing myster

Do you want to become a spellbinding writer? If yes, this course gives you the ability to master your writing skills. You get the power to change your business writing, blogs, books and essays into masterpieces.

5. The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced

If art and drawing were always your passion and you were unable to give time due to your busy world, this Pandemic provides you with a golden chance to create advanced art that will stand up as your professional work. You will be enhanced with the skills of drawing and give you a deep understanding of the subject.

There are many other such courses on Udemy that can help you improve your skills. You can win additional cashback through CashKaro by just applying your Udemy coupon codes. 

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