The sling bag trend has surely gripped almost every fashionista in today’s age. The sling bag rage is in and for good reason. They are stylish and add a glamorous touch to any outfit be it casuals, dresses or even formals. When it comes to buying a sling bag, you must ensure it is from a reputed brand which offers good quality. This is where we step in to help you out.

Best Sling Bag Brands – Our Top Picks

1. Baggit Sling Bags

Baggit is one of India’s leading names in fashion and was founded by Nina Lekhi. They have a vibrant range of sling bags for girls which bring a lot of panache to your outfit. The sling bags come with short and long straps depending on how you want the look to be. With sufficient storage space, you can carry around important accessories and items with ease.

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Baggit Sling Bag

To see what else baggit has to offer, you can also browse through the baggit bag collection to get your perfect match.

2. Caprese Sling Bag

Caprese sling bags are the definition of style and perfection. They are versatile and come in a variety of materials to give you the chic look, classy look as well as the rustic look. These bags are perfect for carrying books for a laid back evening in a coffee shop, a formal evening in the office or even just a formal gathering with colleagues. Their price start from a mere Rs 700 making them extremely affordable.

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Caprese Sling Bag

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3. Lavie Sling Ba

Lavie is yet another trending name in the fashion industry and for good reason. They have a fascinating range of sling bags for every look and every budget. Select from a range of plain bags, embellished bags, glitter bags as well as nude color bags which are perfect for just about any outfit. If you’re looking for sling bags online below Rs 500, then Lavie has you covered making it economically a sound choice but fashionably the right choice too.

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Lavie Sling Bag

To know more about the bag mogul, you can check out the entire collection of lavie bags to see what all they have to offer.

4. Wildcraft Sling Bag

Wildcraft is a brand usually synonymous with ruff and tough travel bags but they also make sling bags which are great for travel purposes. The bags are lightweight and can be easily carried around during trekking trips. These bags are the perfect for those who love to travel as they provide extreme utility and look trendy as well. You can also find bags which are water proof to keep your belongings safe during a river rafting adventure. Pack all your essentials and hit the road – what are you waiting for?

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Wildcraft Sling Bag

You can also see what else the brand as to offer by browsing through the Wildcraft bag range to look at their collection of duffel bags, rucksacks and travel bags.

5. Steve Madden Sling Bag

Steve Madden is usually a name associated with shoes but the fashion giant also makes glamorous sling bags and women bags. These bags are a beauty and can be paired beautifully with gowns, dresses and frocks. You can also pair these bags with a formal attire to give it just the right amount of sass. In case your casual outfit feels a little boring, grab a stylish sling bag from Steve Madden to complete the look and make it look top notch.

Steve Madden Sling Bag

You can also check the other offerings like Steve Madden shoes and heels to match your sling bag perfectly.

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